AI project Dtec token announces reaching USD 2 million in seed round and going for pre-sale in April


Dtec token, the native payment project of Dtec Technology, an artificial intelligence ecosystem, announced that it has reached USD 2 million in Seed round and will be holding their pre-sale in April.

Dtec is a project that claims to take driving experience in vehicles to the next level with its software that consists of its native modules and innovative technology in the field of artificial intelligence. The software enables driver to manage both the vehicle and all IoT devices connected with voice commands on the go. At the same time, the software's artificial intelligence has an autonomous learning feature that uses driver’s data and environmental information. Thus, it can make predictions and take useful actions without requiring voice commands.

Dtec token; As a reward mechanism for in-vehicle data sharing, provides utilities such as the ability to purchase AI services within the App and to use electric charging stations for free or with priority.

The project, which is at the end of the Seed Round, announced that it will enter the private sale process in the first week of April and will be listed on tier 1 exchanges in May. At this point, exchanges such as bitget and bybit are being discussed.

Dtec CTO said, "Dtec artificial intelligence vehicle assistant software is a project that has been developed for 8 years and has received government support. Now we are integrating this software with the blockchain world and incentivizing data sharing with dtec token payment. Unlike all other projects, ours is an ecosystem which is completely ready and available for retail sale and use. We are also in talks with some of the world's leading automotive companies."

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