AIGameToEarn – The Web3 Gaming Platform That Rewards Players with $100000 Guaranteed Prize Pool


AIGameToEarn is a blockchain-based project seeking to become the go-to platform for Web3 gaming where everyone, regardless of skill and experience, can play, learn, earn, and have fun.

The platform uses the latest technological innovations, such as decentralization, artificial intelligence, NFTs, and a new GameToEarn concept to create an inclusive environment for crypto enthusiasts and gamers. Moreover, it aims to incentivize developers and creators to engage and connect with players in a brand-new system.

AIGameToEarn is preparing for its official launch and started the whitelisting process now open to 2,000 spots here. The lucky ones to get early access to the platform will enjoy multiple benefits, including the opportunity to purchase two AI NFTs on the mint day and participate in the platform’s $100,000 leaderboard.

This AIGameToEarn review examines how the project plans to stand out in the Web3 gaming sector. Read on as we reveal its features and future plans.

What is AIGameToEarn?

The emerging blockchain Web3 gaming sector is steadily taking over the traditional Web2 video gaming industry. However, it still struggles to conquer mobile gaming, one of the best-performing gaming sectors, estimated to reach a $120 billion market size in 2023.

Transitioning from Web2 to Web3 gaming is not an easy feat, just like DeFi integration with mobile applications. Furthermore, very few developers are experts in Web2 and blockchain-based gaming. Paywalls, complex UX and UI add to a growing list of challenging obstacles. In these conditions, casual mobile gamers miss all the benefits and opportunities that blockchain and Web3 gaming offer.

AIGameToEarn wants to ease the path to the mainstream adoption of Web3 gaming and make it more accessible to all types of gamers. Its users can enjoy a wide variety of games, own game outcomes, increase game capital, buy, trade, and hold precious digital assets.

The platform focuses on the gamers’ experience, rewarding them for their skill, competitiveness, and playing time. However, it also plans to connect players and developers through games, tools, and services for building, deploying, or managing blockchain-based games and applications. This way, everyone can participate in the upcoming NFTs and token economy, including mobile and PC games.

AIGameToEarn users will enjoy high levels of security, transparency, and immutability. Furthermore, they can play just for fun or tap into their competitiveness to earn from their playing time. Also, they can earn tokens, NFTs, or game items, while voting as part of a democratic governing system.

AIGameToEarn Games & Features

AIGameToEarn is ready to open to all types of gamers. For starters, it offers 5 games and a $100,000 monthly leaderboard to be distributed among the best-performing players. The project also aims to soon launch two tokens:

BPC (Beta Platform Coin)

An off-chain token dedicated to early supporters and players that help test the platform’s initial games and features. Players can earn them for their contributions and later spend them on in-game items or upgrade their skills.

PC (Platform Coin)

A utility and governance coin that will be mandatory in all platform-based transactions. According to the project’s roadmap, PC will be launched on the Polygon blockchain in the summer of 2023. All BPC holders will be able to swap their tokens for PC.

Here are some of the AIGameToEarn features the platform will use to attract gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and game developers everywhere:

AIGameToEarn Shop

This feature will enable all early adopters to preview all items they can buy with BPC. The platform will charge a 5% fee on buying transactions and redirect 95% of it to the Treasury. Users can see their balance in the platform’s dashboard. Also, they can choose the items they wish to equip their characters before starting the game.

AI Feature

Users can play and stake the platform’s proprietary Avatar NFTs to activate an AI system that enhances the gaming experience. With this feature, players can personalize their gaming experience and enjoy a bespoke playing mode based on preferences, playing style, and past behavior.

Moreover, gamers can use AI as a source of information and tips to overcome in-game obstacles and improve their score/win rate. As a result, AIGameToEarn should help all gamers benefit from helps a more immersive and engaging experience.


This feature will represent the AIGameToEarn wallet that the platform will use to reward players.

Wallet Connect

Users can use it to easily connect their wallets (e.g., MetaMask) directly to the platform.

Social Passport

This feature gives users the option to connect their socials to the platform. For example, they can earn BPC/PC depending on the number of invites and registered users.


This feature is the game Leaderboard including all the games on the platform. Players can compete and win a share of the $100,000 monthly reward. The best-performing 100 players will get a slice of this big pie.

First place in the Leaderboard will earn $25,000, while the second will earn $12,500. Coming in third will make the lucky player $7,500. Meanwhile, finishing 4th and 5th will reward the skillful gamers with $5,000 and $2,500, respectively. Lastly, the remaining 95 players in the top 100 will earn $500 each.


Users can earn BPC/PC tokens and game items by completing various tasks and promoting AIGameToEarn.


The AIGameToEarn platform will feature various games and their tournaments where users compete for prizes. These competitions can be free rolls with rewards paid from the Treasury. Alternatively, they can require paid entry. In this case, the platform profits from the rake.


The platform periodically offers players simple tasks to educate and reward their gaming progress and effort.


This feature lets users swap PC tokens for Matic tokens directly on the platform.


The platform will provide a comprehensive view of all the players’ information, ownership (NFTs, items, coins), and activity, including earning, staking, and lending.

NFTs on the AIGameToEarn Platform

One of the most exciting features of AIGameToEarn is its use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). More precisely, the Platform NFTs are multi-utility Avatars enabling players to own digital assets and earn through them.

The platform will launch these fun, playable characters on the Ethereum blockchain with the ERC 721 token standard. AIGameToEarn will feature 5 types of Genesis Platform NFTs distributed on just as many tiers, depending on their earn rate multiplication factor. Users activate this factor whenever they stake their NFTs on the platform.

The tiers defined by these earning rates are:

  1. Green – 1.5x
  2. Blue – 1.75x
  3. Purple – 2x
  4. Yellow – 2.25x
  5. Black – 2.5x

The Platform NFTs will also have up to 5 Game Attributes, depending on the tier they represent. For example, a Tier 1 NFT will only have one Attribute, and a Tier 5 NFT will have 5 Attributes. These characteristics include Agility, Power, Intelligence, Health, and Luck.

Attributes are stats that boost player capabilities in all existing and upcoming games. They are distributed in the whole collection and have randomly set values from 1 to 5. Platform NFTs will be available for minting on the Ethereum blockchain.

Users holding Platform NFTs can earn valuable Platform Coins (PC tokens) by playing them in games. Players unable to access their Avatar NFTs can acquire them in the marketplace. Also, they can stake their Avatar to activate bonuses and play casual games. Alternatively, they can lend them to other users with a settled profit share. Lastly, players can enhance their gameplay by upgrading and customizing their Avatar NFTs’ appearance.

How to Join the AIGameToEarn Whitelisting

The whitelisting process for joining AIGameToEarn is open until May 17, 2023. The list is open to 2,000 lucky individuals, of which 200 spots are reserved for contributors, giveaways, and contest winners. Those getting whitelisted will have the chance to purchase two AI NFTs on the mint day and compete for a share of the platform’s $100,000 leaderboard.

Here’s how to join the whitelist:

  1. Submit your wallet here.
  2. Complete as many quests as possible on the Zealy quest board. This will boost your leaderboard position and your chances of winning a whitelist spot.
  3. Stay active in the community.

Making the whitelist is not a prerequisite for enjoying AIGameToEarn. On the contrary, those who miss this chance can still earn rewards by completing quests and participating in the community.

The Team behind AIGameToEarn

A team comprising over 20 professionals is developing AIGameToEarn into the Web3 gaming platform of tomorrow. The group includes experts in video gaming development and blockchain who have been working together for the past 9 years. During this period, they collaborated on numerous gaming projects with renowned publishers, such as Voodoo (Tencent), Rollic (Take-Two), SuperSonic (IronSource), Lion Studios (AppLovin), and Modus Games (Zordix).

Final Thoughts

AIGameToEarn is a new project in the blockchain Web3 gaming sector. The platform aims to become the one-stop shop for all gamers, including casual mobile players and those seeking a hardcore gaming experience with appropriate rewards. Its GameToEarn concept should attract everyone from crypto enthusiasts to NFT collectors and expert P2E gamers.

Gaming is one of the most popular activities nowadays. People practice it on their mobile devices or PCs at least once daily for entertainment or just to kill time. AIGameToEarn enables everyone to play, have fun, learn, and earn, regardless of skill and experience.You can learn more about AIGameToEarn at these links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | YouTube