AMAZY to Enter Major Launchpads and Exchanges


Revolutionary challenging fitness application AMAZY announced its plans for IGO (Initial Game Offering) with a top-5 launchpad Seedify. IGO is a way of raising capital for blockchain gaming projects.

AMAZY was created with the primary goal of inspiring people to be more active and replace the passive lifestyle with an easy and exciting way of taking care of their health through the AMAZY Realverse. In a related development, the project has come up with several innovations, with a unique economy and concept, including the Move2Earn model, standing it out from similar works. AMAZY ( has also announced plans to list their tokens on major exchanges to enable more people to be a part of the community.

Created by a team with vast experience in developing mobile games with more than 2 billion downloads, AMAZY will encourage people to walk or jog in exclusive sneakers made by their favorite celebs, including bloggers and influencers. AMAZY offers an amazing collection of NFT sneakers available on the in-app marketplace and enables holders to earn as they move around with their GPS mode on.

The AMAZY project also includes the AMT utility token with an unlimited supply and 1 billion AZY governance tokens. In addition to encouraging physical activity, AMAZY is also donating a portion of their income to help people with disabilities to enable them to participate in sports and recreational events.

The AMAZY team, with backing from celebrities, influencers, bloggers (the list is available on the official website), and a host of others, have also announced plans for the project. AMAZY plans to list the tokens on exchanges, improve the app, implement new game mechanics, and activate competitions and leaderboards. Other plans include launching new workout and training mechanics, creating NFT avatars, NFT clothing and accessories drop, and much more.

For further information about the AMAZY project, and to be a part of the ecosystem, visit – AMAZY also has a growing online community across social media, including Discord (, Twitter (, and Telegram (

Kate Kravch
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