Announcing NFT Poker – A weekly game in Discord from Switch Reward Card


Lehi, Utah – As if the thrill of the “PokerGO® & Switch Reward Card® Play To Win Sweepstakes” wasn’t enough, the companies are back with yet another announcement that adds additional utility to the NFT. Introducing NFT Poker – a new level of engagement and NFT utility with weekly prizes.

At the heart of this experience are the PokerGO Playing Card Utility NFTs. Beyond being digital collectibles, these tokens are your ticket to a series of weekly games and prizes. Whether you’ve got a Rare Mythical Joker or a Common Numbered card, every NFT holder gets a shot at submitting a winning hand each week.

Brad Willden, President and COO at Switch Reward Card, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are on the verge of changing poker and the NFT space. With PokerGO NFT Poker, it’s not just about holding an NFT – it’s about being part of an interactive gaming experience. Make a hand, submit your hand, and embrace the excitement of potential winnings!”

What’s more, every week unveils a different game, keeping the excitement fresh and participants on their toes. The details of these weekly games, along with any other updates, will be regularly announced on the Switch Reward Card Discord. So, stay tuned, and make sure you’re part of the community to get the latest scoop!

To delve deeper into the NFT details, the Play to Win Sweepstakes, the upcoming games, and to jump right into the action, head over to

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