BABA, the most exclusive MEME on Solana.



BABA is a meme coin on the Solana blockchain, having emerged just since 3rd of February 2024. It underwent a stealth launch, starting with a market cap of 3K. The storyline revolves around BABA, who, feeling neglected by his brother PEPE, witnesses PEPE’s success and wealth, leading BABA to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle, becoming overweight and depressed. Tired of this, BABA resolves to surpass his brother in the crypto world, promising success, significant gains for followers, and a commitment to achieving the best shape in the crypto space.

BABA’s complete team has undergone KYC verification at SolidProof ( Comprising two owners, BABA I and BABA II, supported by four additional team members, each serves a specific role in the project, spanning development, content creation, and community management. The two developers boast significant crypto experience, with one having 9 years and the other 13 years, evident in our work.

Presently, the project concentrates on community building and marketing efforts. BABA undergoes a transformation at each market cap milestone (1M, 10M, 100M, 1B), reflecting improvements in its form and strength. Marketing and development efforts escalate with each milestone.


BABA’s tokenomics feature a 0% tax rate, with the team holding tokens, known to SolidProof. These tokens are allocated for marketing, contests, CEX listings, etc. The decision for a 0% tax is aligned with the current trend on SOL, aiming to maximize potential recognition as a meme coin.


As BABA Developers, we have diligently examined numerous projects within the space, gathering comprehensive information. Over the course of several weeks, we engaged in extensive brainstorming sessions to conceptualize the ideal MEME for the imminent bull run, during which the total cryptocurrency market capitalization is projected to reach unprecedented levels. Anticipating the influx of trillions into the market, our objective is to attract a substantial share to BABA. We aim to achieve this by offering an exclusive, secure, and entertaining MEME that is not only packed with utilities but also accompanies significant milestones—all of which will be successfully delivered, in contrast to the shortcomings observed in many other projects.


0 – 1M

BABA started its journey by updating Dextools at a market cap of $7,000, showing its commitment to longevity and a proactive approach. Initially, we allocated $20,000 for marketing and $10,000 to improve liquidity, enhancing chart stability. All of the LP has been burned.

1M – 10M

at the 1-10 million market cap range, our goal is to reach 1,000 Telegram members and followers on Twitter (X). As of the writing of this white paper, we have updated DEX Screener and listed on Additionally, we are improving the quality of our influencers by collaborating with more well-known figures, something we intend to continue with BABA. Upon reaching a 5 million market cap floor, we will fasttrack our current CMC listing submission for BABA. At this stage, we will also start the development of the BABA NFTs, which will have an use case on BABA's staking platform and in our upcoming Metaverse when we reach a 1 billion market cap. The development of BABA's staking platform will start at a 10 million market cap floor. The BABA NFTs will enable stakers to increase their APY from 8% to 15%, providing one of the most generous APY rates among MEMES and utility projects. This serves as a way to reward our investors, allowing them to earn passive income while waiting for BABA to realize its full potential. To enhance stability and safety for our investors on the DEX and prevent sudden market fluctuations, we plan to get listed on a reputable CEX. We will be the only ones with access to liquidity to avoid our first CEX to dump on us. The CEX listing will be done with a 10 million market cap floor.

10M – 100M

As we progress beyond the 10 million mark towards a 12.5 million market cap, BABA will initiate the development of its NFT Marketplace and launchpad. This platform will enable projects to create and sell their own NFTs to investors, facilitating trading and storage of NFTs, similar to OpenSea but on the Solana blockchain. BABA also aims to establish long-term partnerships with influencers to get consistent support from various genuine influencers, maximizing exposure. The development of BABABOT will start at the 20 million market cap, featuring seven functions, including Portal (verification), Raids, trending, buybot, and three other unique features, the details of which are intentionally kept silent to protect its uniqueness. Upon reaching a 30 million market cap, BABA will allocate $30,000 for the community to vote on its usage, specifically for marketing to promote $BABA. When the market cap hits 50 million, BABA will officially register as a corporation in Panama. This step aims to allow larger-scale actions, enhance credibility in the crypto space, and convey a legitimate image. Following the corporation registration, BABA plans to obtain a gold verification tick on Twitter (X) to complement its exclusive appearance. Upon reaching a 75 million market cap, BABA will allocate an additional $75,000 to the community for use in supporting their favorite MEME. Achieving a 100 million market cap milestone will see BABA securing its first listing on a top 10 centralized exchange (CEX).

100M – 1B

Once BABA reaches a 100 million market cap, we will start on developing a significant utility project which utilizes BABA tokens to enhance their value for token holders. At the 150 million market cap milestone, our aim is to secure a listing on another top 10 centralized exchange (CEX). Upon hitting a quarter billion market cap (250 million), BABA will initiate the development of a major utility project designed to contribute value to the broader crypto space. The journey continues, and when we reach a 300 million market cap, BABA will list on yet another top 10 CEX, followed by listing on a top 5 CEX when we reach the 500 million market cap. Upon surpassing the 900 million market cap, BABA plans to list on all of the top 10 CEXs to maximize exposure and enter a new phase focused on surpassing the 1 billion milestone. Upon reaching the monumental 1 billion market cap, BABA will embark on developing one of the most advanced Metaverses, rich with possibilities and cool features. Notably, BABA NFTs will be summonable within this Metaverse, allowing users to utilize them as avatars,.

Note that all utilities will be found in a utility center which we will be developing for BABA. One HUB for all of BABA’s utilities.


* At 1B+ we will draft a new roadmap to work towards 10B market cap. *

In addition to the milestones outlined in the roadmap and the white paper, we will provide much more, including random listings, marketing advertisements, billboards, and more.


BABA stands as an exclusive MEME designed for those who resonate with the BABA spirit. Many in the crypto space have faced neglect, endured setbacks, fallen victim to scams, or simply not achieved the transformative gains they anticipated. BABA is the ideal MEME you’ve all been searching for since entering the crypto realm. What sets BABA apart is its experienced and KYC-compliant developers and team, a solid and dedicated community, continuous efforts from the developers, and active engagement on (X)Twitter through community raids. With a strong roadmap and achievable milestones, BABA embodies a vision of positivity, hard work, transparency, and unwavering motivation to become the ultimate MEME during the upcoming Bullrun!

BABA to a Billion.

“Nothing mentioned in this article is financial advice"