BetRoyale Raises $500,000 in First Days of Presale! Could Crowns Be the Next Gamblefi Sensation?


BetRoyale, a leading online crypto casino, has successfully concluded its pre-seed sale and surpassed $500,000 within days of announcing the first stage of the presale. This significant milestone marks the initial step in the launch of BetRoyale's native token, $BCRN (Crowns), and the development of its comprehensive Web3 ecosystem.

Starting from February 26th, BetRoyale entered a 17-stage pre-sale journey, with the pricing of $BCRN tokens starting at $0.008 & gradually increasing through each stage until the fundraising concludes.

The sudden hype surrounding the project has been marked by all 3 stages selling out rapidly, reaching half a million in just a few days. This overwhelming interest in the token highlights BetRoyale's potential among the crypto community and the confidence investors have in BetRoyale's vision, team & value proposition offered by the $BCRN token. 

So why are people so Bullish on $BCRN?

Building a Feature-Rich Web3 Casino Experience

BetRoyale, or The Kings Casino, has rapidly ascended in the online gaming industry, surpassing 10,000 players and offering a comprehensive suite of features: a diverse range of slot games, a sportsbook, and live gaming experiences. 

The platform works on seamless crypto transactions, ensuring enhanced accessibility and convenience, coupled with a user-friendly onboarding process for swift entry into the gaming world.

With the online gambling industry projected to expand, especially into the Web3 sector in the coming years, BetRoyale holds significant promise for growth.

Security and Transparency at the Forefront

BetRoyale stands out as one of the few Crypto Casinos holding a coveted Curaçao gambling license, establishing itself as a secure choice for both investors and players. 

The project's smart contract underwent an audit by security firm Solid Proof, resulting in no major issues being flagged. This step further solidified BetRoyale's commitment to a secure and transparent gaming environment.

Unlocking Exclusive Benefits and Passive Income with $BCRN

BetRoyale's mission extends beyond launching its native token, $BCRN. They aim to cultivate a thriving community, and the pre-sale serves as the initial step in achieving this goal. Early adopters gain access to a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Unbeatable Entry Price: The pre-sale kicks off with tokens priced at just $0.008, offering significant value compared to future prices.

  • High Roller Privileges: Secure exclusive perks like market discounts, premium rates, and a dedicated account manager for a truly elevated gaming experience.

  • Passive Income Opportunities: Participate in the Marketing program to passively earn $BCRN tokens.

Beyond the pre-sale, BetRoyale boasts an innovative staking program designed to reward all participants with a passive income stream.

Become a 'Royal' and Reap the Rewards

Proud holders of $BCRN, known as "Royals," can actively participate in staking, demonstrating their dedication to the BetRoyale ecosystem. As a token of appreciation for their contribution, Royals receive:

  • Generous APYs: Earn impressive returns on your staked tokens.

  • Bonus Tokens: Receive additional $BCRN tokens as a reward for your loyalty.

Staking also grants users exclusive VIP treatment and exciting bonus offers like free spins and bonus money, further enriching their gaming experience.

What can you do with Crowns ($BCRN)?

$BCRN unlocks a variety of possibilities within the dynamic ecosystem of BetRoyale's casino. Here are some use cases that showcase the versatility and value of Crowns:

1. Fuel Your VIP Experience:

  • Purchase exclusive luxury items in the BetRoyale pawn shop, reserved only for $BCRN holders.

  • Elevate your gameplay with exciting in-game bonuses and high-roller perks.

2. Earn & Grow:

  • Participate in the unique Rakeback system, receiving a portion of your losses back in Crowns based on your holdings.

  • Witness the potential value increase through the casino's Buy Back and Burn mechanism, reducing the total token supply.

  • Earn and vest NFTs, seamlessly integrating them into the ecosystem with Crowns.

3. Become a Gaming Elite:

  • Secure a top spot on the monthly leaderboard and claim exclusive airdrop rewards, recognizing your dedication and gameplay.

BetRoyale’s Focus on Long-Term Value Creation: Buyback, Burn  & Rewards

BetRoyale's tokenomics are designed to ensure long-term sustainability and reward token holders. A portion of the casino's monthly revenue is allocated to a buyback and burn mechanism, diminishing the total token supply and potentially increasing the value of remaining tokens. 

Additionally, 50% of repurchased tokens are redistributed into:

  • Ecosystem Reinvestment (50%): Half of the repurchased tokens are re-injected into the ecosystem, fueling growth and future initiatives.

  • Revenue Sharing with Stakers (50%): The remaining tokens are distributed as rewards to loyal stakers, incentivizing long-term participation and commitment.

BetRoyale’s Tokenomics: Building a Sustainable Ecosystem

There is a max supply of 1 billion tokens with 30% (300M tokens) allocated to the Pre-seed and Seed sale launched in 3 Phases.

  • Pre-Sale Phase 0 (Completed):

    • Allocation: 5%

    • Price: $0.006 per token

  • Pre-Sale Phase 1 (Ongoing):

    • Allocation: 14%

    • Price: $0.008 – $0.0115 per token (gradually increasing)

  • Pre-Sale Phases 2 & 3 (Upcoming):

    • Allocation: 7.85% & 3.15% (respectively)

    • Price: Ranging progressively from $0.012 to $0.018 per token

The remaining supply will be allocated to the team (5%), ecosystem rewards (36%), marketing (6%), airdrop (6%), liquidity (12%) & ambassadors (5%).


  • Transparent token distribution with a clear purpose for each allocation.

  • Pre-sale offers increasing prices, incentivizing early participation.

  • A significant portion is allocated to ecosystem rewards, promoting long-term growth.

BetRoyale's Roadmap: Charting the Course to Web3 Dominance

$BCRN token is set to launch at the end of Q1 2024 after the presale has been completed. Yet, this milestone will represent just the start of their ambitious journey.

BetRoyale presents an unparalleled roadmap that positions it as a frontrunner in the Web3 casino revolution. Here's a glimpse into their ambitious plans, designed to deliver exceptional value for investors and long-term holders:

2024: Solidifying the Web3 Foundation

  • Continuous innovation: Throughout the year, BetRoyale will consistently introduce cutting-edge features to its ecosystem, solidifying its position at the forefront of Web3 gaming.

  • Branded Games Studio: Towards the latter half of the year, BetRoyale plans to launch its own Branded Games Studio, further expanding its offerings and attracting new audiences.

  • Web3 integration for B2B partners: Leveraging its extensive network of tier-one gambling partners within the Web2 space, BetRoyale will implement a revolutionary strategy to help them transition into Web3. This will involve providing a ready-made platform to incubate and launch their own Web3 ventures, unlocking significant growth potential for both parties.

By empowering its traditional gambling partners to thrive in the Web3 landscape, BetRoyale empowers its investors to share in the success. This synergistic approach positions $BCRN as a highly attractive investment with the potential for incredible returns.

Don't Miss Out! Join BetRoyale at Ground Zero

Secure your spot in the future of Web3 Gaming with BetRoyale. Here's your chance to acquire $BCRN tokens at pre-sale prices, before they rise in value:

Limited opportunities remain! While the pre-seed sale is complete, Stage 4 of the 17-stage pre-sale is currently ongoing, offering tokens at $0.0095 each.

Prices will increase with each subsequent stage, so act now to benefit from the best possible entry point.

Join BetRoyale's thriving community and secure your $BCRN tokens today! 

Visit the BetRoyale website and make your purchase through multiple supported chains.

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