Bringing Bombshells to Web3 with Guilty Bunnies


NFTs traditionally use artwork that resembles a beautiful nightmare, with projects like Goblintown soaring to the top of the OpenSea charts and NFTs of literal dung selling out. Each phase of web3 introduces new meta and new trends. The latest trend is brought on by Guilty Bunnies, and instead of distorted and ghastly artwork, Guilty Bunnies brings supermodels and luxury lingerie to the NFT scene.

The fashion and lingerie industry thrives on premium quality and limited supply. In 2018 alone the lingerie industry was worth nearly 40 Billion and that number is increasing rapidly. Guilty Bunnies goes far beyond lingerie alone, and introduces a lifestyle brand with their Guilty Bunnies NFTs. These NFTs give access to the Guilty Bunnies’ community where everyone’s secrets are free to express themselves. Their icon, a drippy and neon Bunny mask, has been circulating all over the internet as knock off versions of their merchandise flood online printing shops. 

Inside of the Guilty Bunnies NFT are 6969 randomly generated Bunnies featuring 169 unique and desirable traits. These traits include high heels, designer sunglasses, diamond rings, and luxurious lingerie to name a few. Guilty Bunnies evoke the feeling of penthouse suites, private parties, and extravagant living. It’s the perfect mix of debauchery and class that puts the entire Guilty Bunnies project in the spotlight as they walk the line between too much and just enough. 

Guilty Bunnies capitalizes on this shock value with a hot twist. Using performance theater and the flashy nature of the runway, they have turned a simple NFT into a relatable story that features the lives of supermodel bunnies that inspires us to reflect on our own. These characters feel real, which brings in more people to the project than the usual web3 community. Guilty Bunnies is expanding the use cases of NFTs which is something to be excited about.

Some of these use cases include premium club membership, which means your Guilty Bunnies mask grants you access to Guilty Bunnies parties and events. Each layer of rarity has special perks attached to them. There are tiers of rarity in the NFTs and in the merchandise itself. At its core, Guilty Bunnies is a feeling you can’t get anywhere else – a first of its kind web3 project connecting fashion, lifestyle, and NFTs into the perfect storm.

Follow the story of these wild Bunnies and their adventures on where you can sign up for the highly sought after wetlist.

Julie Willow
[email protected]


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