Celebrate Christmas 2023 with a free-to-mint GG MetaGame's NFTs


The holiday spirit is in full swing at GG MetaGame, and this season, it comes with a special twist for our community! We're excited to announce our Xmas 2023 NFT collection!

Our first and exclusive Christmas NFT collection was designed exclusively for our Original Gamers (OGs), giving early-stage community participants the unique opportunity to own a piece of the GG MetaGame universe before its official launch.

Collection details

– The collection features a total of 2000 NFTs distributed through QuestN and Galxe

– The campaign runs from December 18th through December 27th, giving you ample time to get your reward to celebrate the 2023 festive season.

– This collection fits into a Profile Picture (PFP) NFT category and is minted on the Polygon network to ensure low-minting costs for everyone.

– The art features original characters from the GG MetaGame universe: Reindeer or Santa.

– The distribution of these NFTs is based on a FCFS (first-come, first-served) basis, adding an element of excitement to the campaign.

How to participate

Participation is easy and rewarding. To be eligible for this exclusive NFT, users must:

– Register on either the QuestN or Galxe platform

– Complete a series of social tasks
– Mint your special edition GG OG Xmas 2023 NFT

Perks for NFT holders

Owning these NFTs isn't just about celebrating Christmas; it's a gateway to future benefits within the GG MetaGame platform. Here’s what NFT holders can look forward to:

– Beta Test Access: Gain early access to beta versions of upcoming games on the GG MetaGame platform, providing a sneak peek into the future of gaming.

– Airdrops: Enjoy exclusive airdrops, adding more value to your gaming experience.

– Early Adopters Features: Get your hands on various exclusive features, specially designed for early adopters and loyal members of our community.

This NFT campaign is a testament to our commitment to enhancing player experience and community engagement. We invite all our gamers and community members to grab their exclusive collectibles and embrace the holiday spirit with the GG MetaGame team.

About GG Meta Game

GG MetaGame is a platform that offers gamers a unified game universe with hundreds of titles from various studios. It utilizes Web3 protocols to encourage the distribution of value to gamers who possess unified skins, avatars, and items. For developers, MetaGame provides a simple integration solution with extra tools for monetization, improved user retention, and access to a large user base. The value of MetaGame is secured by its profits (from the store, advertising integration, audience resell and b2b streams), and a large portion of these profits will be distributed via web3 tools facilitated by token utilities.

For GG MetaGame (GGM) web3 protocols are considered as the most suitable and effective method to distribute its value to users (web2 originally) and encourage user acquisition, stimulating growth of the web3 community. Thus, GGM Web3 protocols are, effectively, a set of additional web3-tools allowing users to monetize their gaming experiences via p2e mechanics. Discover more at www.ggmt.io 


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