ChangeX Gets Ready for Its Upcoming Token IDO


The ChangeX platform combines banking, crypto, and DeFi in a single app, also introducing an array of innovative tools and a unique Leveraged Staking product. The project’s Crypto Debit Card will allow users to spend their fiat, crypto, and staking rewards on anything, anywhere..

The project’s founders have recently announced the successful completion of the CHANGEtoken’s ICO and the beginning of the HydraDEX liquidity  event, which is set to start on July 19.

The DEX Launch Announcement 

The ChangeX app’s governance token is CHANGE. CHANGE is a deflationary HRC20 token providing holders with a high APR, while acting as a bridge to the app’s staked inflationary PoS assets. The project plans to pay out rewards to its community in CHANGE, with each staked PoS asset in the app increasing the APR.

30% of all trading fees in the app are used to burn CHANGE and aim to raise the token price by inducing deflation in the ecosystem. In order to further enhance the ecosystem, CHANGE will grant holders voting powers, letting them approve or reject new listings into the app.

After successfully closing the ICO phase despite the crypto turmoil, the team moves forward with  its DEX offering. The round will be accessible on the HYDRA DEX platform, attracting CHANGE’s own investors and the HydraChain community, among others..

Aiming to Change the DeFi World

Economic systems like traditional banking and crypto can interact and synergize with each other thanks to DeFi Composability. ChangeX has developed an application that can seamlessly bridge these worlds  on smartphones. 

Staking (flexible, locked, leveraged), lending, multi-chain swaps, a non-custodial wallet, and the ChangeX DAO will all be available tools to people who don’t have much experience with the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies. ChangeX aims to create a system where the user has complete control over all these features, with focus on simplicity.

In order to be composable, DeFi, crypto, and banking must all be inside the same package.

Users will be able to access a wide range of previously inaccessible cryptocurrencies using ChangeX’s cross-chain bridges. DeFi and CeFi already have enough liquidity and ChangeX uses this in order to  provide an easy-to-use experience for even novice crypto consumers. 

ChangeX will give users access to all their assets, including fiat and crypto. The project plans to earn an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license for EUR banking capability to operate on the market.

ChangeX Competitive Offer

The project is bringing multiple innovative features to the market, and a partial list includes the following perks:

  • Users retain complete control of their assets while having access to functions and tools traditionally found on a CEX;
  • Switching between multiple apps (DEX interfaces, wallets, banking apps, etc.) will no longer be necessary. Users will be able to access all these and many more features in the app.
  • The unprecedented Leveraged Staking product will allow users to increase their APR by 1.2-2x, while maintaining low risk on the position.
  • ChangeX will also allow users to spend all of their in-app assets via its Crypto Debit Card: fiat, crypto, even staking rewards, and without interrupting staking or harming the APR.
  • The community will have access to a profitable economy for CHANGE and other PoS assets in the app, which will work together to create synergies chance to earn a high APR on PoS cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, ChangeX will provide a tracking system to monitor the earnings trend.

About ChangeX

ChangeX is an all-in-one personal finance mobile app that merges traditional banking, crypto and DeFi. ChangeX will offer users a personal bank account, access to multi-chain crypto and high APR DeFi tools such as leveraged staking, which doubles the rewards on all staked assets. ChangeX’s focus falls on passive income and crypto empowerment and will allow users to spend any in-app token on anything via its ChangeX crypto debit card. Users will be able to lend their stablecoins, use locked and flexible staking, buy and pay with fiat and swap crypto on the native ChangeX DEX – with everything being accessible in a few simple clicks.

The Hydra DEX liquidity event for the CHANGE token begins on July 19th.

Any reader interested in discovering how ChangeX works will find details on the project’s website and social media pages below.

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