CoinsDo Launches Incubator Program to Support Web3 Developers


CoinsDo has just unveiled its Web3 Incubator Program. This is a new initiative designed to help developers take advantage of the decentralized web. 

With this program, CoinsDo offers its technology and services to help projects build secure digital asset platforms. The initiative will enable new teams to use Web3 technology and turn their ideas into reality.

Facilitating Web3 Innovation

This incubator program comes with multiple benefits for the large Web3 community. For instance, appliers can rely on consultation from experienced developers. They may also leverage the team’s established partnerships and receive assistance in their product incubation.

Furthermore, CoinsDo provides asset custody solutions or institutional-grade wallets for developers to build their project’s asset security infrastructure for free.

Many early-stage projects fail to launch due to the high costs and technical development employee shortages. However, with the help of CoinsDo’s incubator program, Web3 teams can avoid these issues.

In this context, giving developers free asset custody solutions is vital to make Web3 projects more accessible, particularly to start-ups. CoinsDo is pursuing this strategy to enable Web3 developers to build their projects faster, cheaper and safer.

A Web3-Oriented Team

CoinsDo’s announcement enhances an already large ecosystem in which the crypto community can find multiple digital asset management solutions. The company’s advanced tools constitute a complete security solution:

  • CoinSend: This is an effective system to send funds without touching the private key.
  • CoinGet: This system allows users to manage the parent private key and obtain many wallet addresses via key derivation.
  • CoinSign: This signature feature binds trusted devices to roles for data protection. The system works on Chrome and Firefox on PC, as well as iOS and Android on mobile.
  • CoinsDo Wallet: Users can manage multiple wallets in one place. The feature supports multi-chain and multi-currency management, as well as mainnet and testnet.
  • Liveness Detection Tool: Developers can embed this tool in mobile apps and web terminals, helping filter out risky users.

The CoinsDo team deeply understands the Web3 sector, and its innovative solutions can change how companies handle digital assets. The company’s comprehensive security solution enables users to easily access and manage multi-chain digital assets.

About CoinsDo

CoinsDo is a Singapore-based technology company that provides a comprehensive business solution for the digital asset economy. Its mission is to provide reliable, secure, and scalable solutions for digital currency trading platforms and users.

Through its innovative technology stack, the team offers solutions tailored to the needs of different businesses in the industry. CoinsDo’s services include:

  • Non-custodial wallets
  • Private key encryption
  • Tamper-proofing protection
  • Secure communication protocols
  • Dynamic authentication.

The project’s applications range from digital currency exchanges, wallets, and game projects to digital asset funds. With CoinsDo, organizations can easily access the benefits of blockchain technology while minimizing their risk exposure. The team also offers consulting services and assistance with integration into the existing systems and processes.

The latest announcement confirms CoinsDo’s commitment to supporting the Web3 sector and its ambitious plans for the future. Anyone interested in learning more about CoinsDo can visit the social media pages below and its website.

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