Coloniume Network – A Rewarding, Eco-Friendly Way to Share Internet Globally


Coloniume is a blockchain-based project building a decentralized, free, and open network for everyone on the planet. Its goal is to empower people to share internet access without external influence or censorship. Anyone can join this network and share free Internet via Wi-Fi using mobile phones or network equipment. Moreover, those supporting useful services with network traffic can earn rewards in Colonix tokens.

Ultimately, Coloniume aims to take internet access from the risky, traditional, centralized system and make it a ready-available resource open for all via blockchain technology. More importantly, it does so environmentally conscious as part of a bigger mission to reduce energy consumption and waste.

What Coloniume Stands For

The team developing Coloniume consists of highly-skilled professionals with degrees from prestigious universities worldwide. They have solid expertise in various fields, such as artificial intelligence, computer engineering, and hardware and software development. Furthermore, they boast extensive work experience in mathematics, physics, blockchain networks, electronics engineering, financial markets, sociology, psychology, biology, environmental research, and law.

The members use their multi-faceted knowledge to create the Coloniume network under the umbrella concept of collaboration and unity. They are building a cohesive global community meeting the interests and demands of each individual. This philosophy is encapsulated in one simple equation:

U + Me = “Coloniume”

In other words, through sustainable and altruistic collaboration, Coloniume can develop into a revolutionary, decentralized communication network. Individuals, organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can use it to connect openly, securely, and freely without the interference of centralized institutions.

Why Use Coloniume to Access the World Wide Web?

The Internet has been around for 40 years. During this period, almost everyone has become accustomed to its power to inform, educate, and connect people worldwide. However, few realize we can lose it in a blink of an eye as long as we rely on centralized organizations to access it.

Coloniume is building a ubiquitous network where the individuals’ participation is not only fundamental but rewarded as well. Anyone can join it by sharing free Internet via Wi-Fi from their mobile phones or other network equipment. The more users join, the farther the network expands and the more stable the internet connection will be. Furthermore, the members sharing network traffic for valuable purposes can gain Colonix tokens.

The Coloniume Network users can set up independent, free, local, and even global communication networks using second-generation nodes, a.k.a. linker nodes. Above all, they can create specific, decentralized, unrestricted platforms and social networks.

Thanks to the underlying blockchain technology, Coloniume will enable a safe messenger service allowing peer-to-peer information exchange without any data storage (SNIF storage). This feature will transform the network into an efficient communication channel in times of crisis and emergency.

Coloniume Network Features

The Coloniume Network is in full development. In fact, everyone is anticipating the launch of Coloniume on the P2BB2B exchange on April 5th. Meanwhile, here are two of the network’s primary features that will help it reach its goals:

Hot Point

One of the main Coloniume innovations is the Hot Point feature, a tool enabling users to identify regions with poor access to the Internet. Anyone can use it to pinpoint “hot points” on a local map and increase the network’s reward ratio.

The Hot Point feature helps Coloniume expand to remote areas and communities with unfair access to the World Wide Web. Moreover, it signals the Coloniume Network developers, a.k.a. The Blue Angels, to intervene and improve the communication infrastructure.

The Coloniume PC

A Coloniume PC is a cost-efficient computer enabling those who cannot afford a real personal computer to join the Coloniume network. Users from disadvantaged communities can build one even if they lack the basic computer parts, such as a processor, memory cards, or storage units.

Coloniume PCs represent the extra resources that users have on their advanced systems. By sharing their spare processing power and storage, they help underprivileged users to connect to the Internet with minimum equipment requirements. Moreover, they earn rewards in Colonix tokens for sharing their surplus resources.

The Advantages of Using Coloniume

  • Reliable access to a decentralized communication
  • Free access to shared knowledge and information
  • Easy internet access for individuals worldwide
  • A new way for Internet businesses to expand and grow
  • Improvements to living standards for remote communities
  • Accelerating the development of the Internet-based economy
  • Advanced industrial prosperity in underprivileged areas
  • A quick means of communication during emergencies and crises

The Bottom Line

Coloniume is an inspiring new project with a 7-phase-long roadmap stretching from ideation to the official launch and the implementation of Coloniume PCs. The project seeks to reduce the digital divide gap and restore the Internet’s true purpose – an open and unlimited network with global reach.

Besides its role in making the World Wide Web more accessible, Coloniume has an equally important mission in reducing energy waste. Unlike other blockchain-based projects, this network prioritizes sustainability and rewards those who share spare resources instead of wasting them.

Coloniume aims to create a better future for everyone by making the Internet an omnipresent source of information and education and an income resource for those who share it forward. Ultimately, its goal is to advance people’s access to science, culture, economy, healthcare, and other essential aspects of human life worldwide.You can learn more about Coloniume at these links: Website | Twitter | Telegram | LinkedIn | Instagram | YouTube