Creo Engine Receives Major Support from Indonesia People’s Consultative Assembly Chairman, Bambang Soesatyo


Bambang Soesatyo, Chairman of Indonesia People’s Consultative Assembly and Vice Chairman of the prominent Golkar political party, expresses full support for the development of Creo Engine, a local web3-based game project. Creo Engine, a Web3 ecosystem emphasizing in-house game development, receives acclaim for its revolutionary approach, prioritizing innovation, quality, and interoperability.

CreoPlay, one of their platforms, offers users a range of services. These include a gamepedia featuring high-quality Web3 games from around the world, an In-game Ass Swap feature for converting in-game assets into cryptocurrency, Staking options, a Marketplace for NFT trading between users, and a Store for direct purchases of in-game assets from developers.

The gaming industry is a rapidly growing sector with great potential to boost the country's economy. Therefore, I fully support the mission and aspirations of Creo Engine as an Indonesian crypto project that has made its mark both domestically and internationally," stated Soesatyo after an internal meeting with the Creo Engine team in Jakarta on Wednesday (3/13/24)

The team comprises CEO and Co-Founder Javier Tan, CTO and Co-Founder Darrel Wijaya, and COO David Salim. Additionally, Commission X member of DPR-RI Robert Joppy Kardinal and Chairman of the Indonesian Crypto Consumer Association (ICCA) Rob Raffael Kardinal were present.

In his capacity as the 20th Chairman of The House of Representatives of Republic Indonesia and former Chairman of House Commission III for Legal Affairs, Human Rights & Security, Bambang elaborated on the diverse gaming portfolio of CreoPlay. Over 17 games have joined the platform, with notable in-house developments like 'Evermore Knights' and 'Slime Haven' by Creo Engine. The remaining games showcase a global presence, from America, Europe, and Asia.

He further added, "Evermore Knights has achieved nearly 250,000 downloads on the Google Play Store, along with a monthly user base of 65,000. The CreoPlay platform, with a total user count of 8,000 accounts, presents a promising opportunity for game developers to join."

Bambang Soesatyo, who serves as the Chairman of the Indonesian Crypto Consumer Association and Head of the Polhukam KADIN Indonesia, emphasized that the governing token $CREO has undergone rigorous feasibility testing as an asset. The certification process, conducted by Bappebti using the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, was completed in 2023, aligning with Bappebti Regulation (PerBa) Number 4 of 2023. This regulation pertains to the determination of the list of crypto assets traded in the physical crypto asset market.

$CREO has secured a listing on reputable crypto exchanges, notably Tokocrypto, the leading local crypto exchange, in January 2024. The token operates on the BNB blockchain.

Bambang Soesatyo concluded, "Creo Engine's local web3 game project continues to outshine others, proven by its success in winning prestigious awards, including the Huobi Hackathon 2022, Crypto Expo Asia, Singapore 2022, Tokocrypto Sembrani Blockchain Acceleration 2022, and the Global Blockchain Congress, Vietnam." (*).

About Creo Engine
Creo Engine is a Web3 gaming platform dedicated to gamers & developers worldwide. Developers can join the platform and leverage Creo Engine’s users-based ecosystem at –  a gamepedia with next-level features, or via CreoDapps – a ready-to-use tool for those looking to convert from Web2 to Web3 games. Creo Engine also delivered top-notch creations crafted by their in-house studio, ‘Nomina Games.’

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