Crypto 4 A Cause (C4C) Goes Live on P2B and Introduces New Features for Investors


Crypto 4 A Cause (C4C), a new on-chain project, is reshaping the world of gaming and philanthropy. Tech and social impact combine in this team to transform the crypto and gaming industries.

With its launch on P2B and the launch of innovative features, C4C is powering progress while educating about crypto scams. This will happen through an upcoming game, “Scam Mercenaries.”

The C4C Debut on P2B

The listing of C4C on P2B is a significant step forward for this team. P2B is a crypto exchange powerhouse with daily trades nearing a billion dollars. Established before the 2020 crypto boom, it’s an industry pioneer with high ratings.

The listing provides C4C with increased visibility and accessibility, promising growth and wider adoption. This positive development is evident in the “C4C Holding Competition.” The initiative incentivizes token holders and stimulates increased interest in the C4C token.

In order to join the competition, interested parties need to register on P2B with at least 100,000 C4C tokens. The system will automatically calculate and award points based on daily wallet balances.

A Charitable DAO with Multiple Benefits

Crypto 4 A Cause puts a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on charitable giving at its core.

Its members, who hold tokens, make all critical decisions. They propose and vote on funding initiatives, ensuring active participation. This DAO model increases efficiency by eliminating middlemen, thus reducing costs.

The team leverages the DAO structure to propose and vet new charitable initiatives and medical organizations. This ensures transparency and accountability for all donations.

Beyond the DAO, the project features a medical blockchain solution, OMoD, for data management. OMoD uses the C4Chain private network with Polygon Edge to maintain security and interoperability.

OMoD leverages the benefits of IPFS and Filecoin technologies for storing patient data securely.

The Crypto 4 A Cause ecosystem also includes an exchange where users can purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrency. The exchange operates like a swap but has the features of a centralized exchange for ease of use.

The C4C exchange offers its users the ability to trade tokens and a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs. This structure provides additional earning opportunities through token staking.

The platform will help crypto enthusiasts stake the C4C token. So far, the team has obtained a very competitive staking APY of 430%, or 36% per month.

An Upcoming Game with Educational Value

Scam Mercenaries, a new game under development by C4C, will go live shortly. It’s an open-world virtual reality game with educational components.

Players can explore, earn currency, and interact with other players in a constantly evolving landscape. The objective is to gain popularity and success by acquiring land, upgrading it, and participating in battles or events.

As they progress through the game, players will learn valuable skills such as resource management, strategic decision-making, and teamwork. Scam Mercenaries aims to be more than just a game, providing educational value for players in the world of C4C.

With avatars, landscapes, and virtual marketplaces, Scam Mercenaries offers endless opportunities for players to immerse themselves in the virtual world.

About Crypto 4 A Cause

Crypto 4 A Cause (C4C) is an innovative platform rooted in community responsibility and blockchain technology. The project came to the world through Matthew Correia and Yaki Crews in 2022. The idea originated from a desire to foster safety in the volatile crypto environment.

The team collaborates with organizations like Anew Village, One Tree Planted, and ChangeNOW to help various charitable initiatives. The platform offers a unique token, C4C, which encourages earning through staking and provides users with a complimentary NFT.

The C4C token boasts impressive interoperability with the ETH, BNB, CELO, AVA, and the CRONOS chains. The platform further distinguishes itself with a “learn-to-earn” program facilitated through partnerships with educational platforms like Udemy and Edx. C4C takes a firm stand against crypto scams, educating the public through developing games.

The ambitious roadmap for 2023 includes:

  • The official launch of the C4C token.
  • The release of an educational multiverse.
  • The creation of a bespoke blockchain.
  • The issue of a native stablecoin.

Among the different charitable projects, the three main programs are Community Outreach, Volunteering, and Local Empowerment. These initiatives demonstrate C4C’s commitment to serving the community and improving lives through the Web3 technology.

It is possible to learn more about C4C and its mission by visiting the project’s website and social media pages.

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