DEXPool – A New Algorithmic Platform to Make Your Smart Crypto Investment Decisions


When investing in cryptocurrency, you have a wide array of choices to make. From selecting which digital assets to purchase to diversifying your portfolio, deciding the best path forward can be tough.

Several projects are ambitiously transforming how we manage our investments in this context. DEXPool is one of them – a new platform that brings together liquidity providers and auto compound systems. This team intends to create a sustainable, secure, and profitable environment for managing and investing your digital assets.

Let’s explore this project further, discovering how it works and how it is appealing to the everyday crypto user.

What Is DEXPool?

DEXPool is a decentralized crypto liquidity platform that enables users to maximize their rewards by providing liquidity. From creating an account to enjoying a welcome bonus, we’ll clarify how this platform works for you from the beginning.

The sections below aim to uncover all the features of DEXPool so that you can understand this platform more clearly.

Creating an Account on DEXPool

You must provide your email address and password when signing up for the DEXPool platform. At this point, you will receive a secret key which you must keep safe and avoid sharing with anyone else.

This key can help you reset your account if you ever lose your password. After agreeing to the terms and conditions of the platform, tick the captcha checkbox, and your account will be ready.

The platform offers an easy way to register your account, so you can start trading quickly and securely. It does not end here: new users can claim a welcome bonus, as we explain below.

Introducing a Welcome Bonus for all New Users

For just signing up, you will receive a generous 100 XRP deposit bonus. This bonus will only be on your balance for ten days, allowing you to experience how the platform works firsthand.

After ten days, you will still keep any income you made from the bonus. This strategy incentivizes you to get familiar with the platform and maximize your earnings.

Merging Two Worlds: Auto Compound Systems and Liquidity Providers

Before looking at the project’s platform, you should familiarize yourself with two concepts. A liquidity provider is a market maker providing crypto assets to a platform in exchange for fees generated by trades.

An auto-compounder is an on-chain asset management protocol using data analysis and optimization techniques to automatically compound rewards.

DEXPool combines both concepts, allowing users to become Liquidity Providers, earn, and compound their rewards for an even higher APY.

As a Liquidity Provider, you can join pools, providing liquidity to users who want to trade assets. Your pool will collect fees generated by trades in that pool.

DEXPool’s auto-compounding feature allows you to automatically reinvest these rewards into the same pool, allowing you to increase your earnings. You can also use the auto-compounding feature to compound other passive income sources.

Exploring Your Dashboard on DEXPool

After creating your account, you can start exploring the website’s Dashboard. On the left-hand side of your screen, you’ll find seven different pages: Dashboard, Top Up, Withdraw, Transactions, Add Liquidity, Manage Liquidity, and Liquidity Archive. All these options are available to help you navigate throughout the platform.

The “Dashboard” page will help you keep track of your available balance, earnings, and the funds deposited in a pool. You’ll also be able to browse the online trading pairs categorized by name, volume, transactions, liquidity, and 24 percentage variation. 

With “Top Up,” you can deposit funds into your account through protocols such as BEP-20, ERC-20, and TRC-20. You have a wide range of compatible cryptocurrencies to choose from. “Withdraw” lets you withdraw funds from your account similarly. It just needs the wallet address to where the system should send the money.

The “Transactions” tab shows all the operations completed on the website. Instead, “Add Liquidity” lets you select from the many liquidity pools available. Each pool’s reward rate will change every 4 hours, never being less than 0.05%. With “Auto-compound,” you can set up a daily profit rate ranging from 0.56% to 0.97%, with higher rates requiring a higher minimum deposit.

“Manage Liquidity” allows you to manage your added liquidity, while “Liquidity Archive” lets you look at all historical liquidity operations. Lastly, “Rewards” helps you keep track of all the rewards earned from liquidity-related activities.

Furthermore, there is a “Settings” tab where you can change your account password or enable two-factor authentication. In case you have any doubts, a “Support” section is available to contact the help team.

No matter your experience with cryptocurrencies, DEXPool’s Dashboard provides an easy and intuitive way to access all the platform’s features.

How Does DEXPool Work? A Simplified Look at Its Algorithm

DEXPool’s algorithm works by tracking prices and providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges. This allows users to make informed decisions when investing in crypto. The platform’s oracle tracks prices and adjusts for the ideal amount. Moreover, its dynamic fee-determining system ensures investors get a fair return.

The algorithm went through testing and optimization, providing liquidity for multiple coins by taking price feeds from Uniswap and others. Simulations assumed contract liquidity of $25 million, executing trades if there was enough volume in the price change.

On the supply side, DEXPool offers a multi-stablecoin “savings account” that can bring up to 150%+ APY, according to simulations. This is possible assuming traders arbitrage between the smart contract and existing exchanges.

Overall, DEXPool’s algorithm aims to create a fair and balanced crypto liquidity ecosystem, allowing users to make smart investment decisions. 

Bottom Line – A New Crypto Experience

DEXPool has already achieved an important milestone: more than 300 million in liquidity provided. With its algorithm tracking prices, DEXPool is changing how we interact with cryptocurrencies.

It simplifies trading by allowing users to make informed decisions when investing. This makes it easy for novices to pros to trade crypto markets and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

If you are curious about exploring this project, DEXPool’s website is a good starting point for your digital journey.