Discover how you can invest alongside Money Mayweather in his fitness empire – Join the live webinar with Q&A.


Mayweather Fitness Holdings is hosting a live event on January 4th at 12 PM PST about their new investment opportunity. The chance to secure your spot ends in 2 weeks. 

For the first time ever, the public has the chance to acquire a stake in the Mayweather Fitness empire! The company understands the value of inclusivity, allowing potential investors to own shares for as little as $250

Established Company: They dominate the $22B+ boutique fitness industry with 100 gym locations nationwide. This doesn’t even cover the full business suite under the Mayweather Fitness Holdings umbrella. 

Why are they raising publicly?

-Floyd wants his community to be part of his success. 

-Our goal is to provide an avenue to grow generational wealth.

-We want to open the door for everyone to participate. 

Mayweather Fitness Holdings is not just about gym franchises – we're strategically expanding into nutritional supplements, XR/mobile gaming, and boxing gloves! This diverse portfolio sets us up for sustained growth in the fitness and lifestyle industries. With $10M+ already raised in venture capital, joining us on this journey means participating in our success and sharing in the value we create.

For those interested in registering, you can find more information here.