Discover the Kiiro coin (KIIRO) Listing on XT.COM


XT.COM, the world’s first socially infused trading platform, is thrilled to announce the listing of Kiiro coin (KIIRO) on its platform in the innovation zone (Layer 1) and the KIIRO/USDT trading pair has started trading at 2023-12-20 09:00 (UTC).

  • Users can deposit KIIRO for trading from 2023-12-19 09:00(UTC)
  • Withdrawals for KIIRO have been available from 2023-12-21 09:00 (UTC)

About KIIRO 

KIIRO is the native digital asset to the Kiiro Blockchain with a total supply of 60 million coins, a block reward of 30 KIIRO every 2.5 minutes and a 4 year halving cycle to ensure KIIRO stays inflation-resistant. The KIIRO coin operates on a unique system combining Proof of Stake (PoS) and Proof of Work (PoW) mechanisms. KIIRO is built upon Firo (previously known as Zcoin), utilizing its foundation while incorporating innovative elements to foster a sustainable and versatile community ecosystem. Utilizing a distribution model delineating 60% for masternodes (PoS), 20% for mining (PoW), and 20% allocated for community rewards and governance fees. This distribution structure aims to incentivize participation from diverse stakeholders, including miners, masternode operators, developers, and the wider community.
The Kiiro coin stands out due to its vision of revolutionizing the cryptocurrency landscape through a focus on AI integration, privacy mechanisms, and scalability. It strives to position itself as not just another digital currency but as a fundamental part of an ecosystem that encourages innovation, financial security, and decentralized governance. The goal is to make staking and digital assets accessible to everyone, reduce volatility, and establish a community-centric and community-driven digital asset that's completely decentralized. By addressing key aspects of tokenomics and integrating cutting-edge technology, KIIRO aims to create a robust and sustainable platform that caters to the evolving needs of users within the cryptocurrency space.

Albin Warin, CEO of XT.COM, expressed his enthusiasm for KIIRO joining the exchange platform, stating, "The addition of KIIRO to our exchange represents a significant milestone. KIIRO stands out as a digital asset with a visionary approach, particularly in its commitment to revolutionizing the integration of blockchain technology with artificial intelligence. At, we're dedicated to offering our users access to groundbreaking technologies that redefine the realm of digital assets. KIIRO's presence on our platform marks our commitment to providing our community with access to innovative and distinctive tokens that go beyond conventional functionalities."

About the Kiiro Blockchain

Kiiro Blockchain, the entity behind the Kiiro coin, envisions itself as a pioneering force in the integration of blockchain technology and AI applications. The company’s mission encompasses the development of a decentralized ecosystem that not only facilitates financial transactions but also spearheads advancements in artificial intelligence. Through its commitment to leveraging blockchain’s capabilities, Kiiro Blockchain aims to empower users, developers, and enterprises by providing an innovative, user-friendly platform for financial security, decision-making, and research.

Kiiro Blockchain’s focus also extends beyond mere technological innovation. The company is dedicated to creating a sustainable and socially responsible ecosystem. By implementing eco-friendly practices and advocating for ethical and environmentally conscious operations, Kiiro Blockchain sets itself apart as a company with a keen eye on both technological advancement and global welfare. Its ethos of forward-looking progress drives the development of products and services that not only cater to immediate market demands but also aim to contribute positively to societal evolution. Through a combination of groundbreaking technology and a socially conscious approach, Kiiro Blockchain aspires to carve a path towards a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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