Edge Of Co presents NFT LA Community Week March 25-29, 2024


Edge Of Company, producers of Outer Edge LA, and now Outer Edge, Riyadh, announces NFT LA Community Week, a decentralized web3 festival set to celebrate innovation at the intersection of blockchain, art, culture, entertainment, music, gaming, and more from March 25 to 29, 2024. Anchored in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, this week-long extravaganza focuses on sparking curiosity, fostering connections, and positively reshaping the future in a series of events.

“This week pays homage to all the creators and builders that make Los Angeles a beacon for art and culture”, says Joshua Kriger, Co-Founder of Edge of Company. “Three years into the growth of the NFT movement, we’re seeing some of the most innovative and broadest use cases to date.  Now that the underlying technology has become more seamless, the world now gets to enjoy the benefits in a variety of ways. We’re paying tribute to NFT community-empowerment and its diverse use cases, with a mix of events across an array of cultural domains and across Los Angeles.”

As part of the weekend activities, the Edge Of Company is proud to announce its partnership with Maincard.io, a company revolutionizing web3 sports fantasy management, and Phaver, empowering users with ownership of their online social graphs. In addition to these partners, Two Bit Circus, innovators in interactive entertainment, Raiinmaker, accelerating web3 with decentralized AI, SoundExchange, the largest neighboring rights organization, Zuber Lawler, providing legal clarity for digital clients, and Unstoppable Domains, paving the way for decentralized identity, will all be present for the weeks’ festivities. Other notable partners span a variety of industries to include Alpha Fin, offering financial innovation solutions, Spiritpunks, creating web3 community-inspired spirits, and Welly, a company developing technology that tracks product supply chain on the blockchain. Also joining us is Gala, a company focused on blockchain-based entertainment and gaming, Bitcoin Pizza, a commemorative event celebrating the first recorded Bitcoin transaction for physical goods, and Ethernity, a company specializing in advanced networking solutions. Lamina1 will be present for the week, a company building creator tooling that is optimized for ease of use, performance, and interoperability. ‘Cold Wallet,’ a SXSW World Premiere crypto heist thriller, directed by Cutter Hodierne and presented by Steven Soderbergh, will also be participating. Last, but not least, BRAIED covers web3 video, Pre through post, local or remote, commercial and creative. Together, we are shaping the future of digital innovation.

The first event of the week to highlight at NFT LA Community Week is NFT LA Curiosity Circus. Attendees will have a chance to join a celebration of creativity on March 27 from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM, at Two Bit Circus in Downtown Los Angeles. Founder and CEO of Maincard.io, Valeriy Makovetzkiy, will be the main speaker at this event, discussing the future of esports and gaming. Also featured during the event will be live podcasts by The Edge of NFT, networking opportunities, a Happy Hour sponsored by Phaver, and an interactive amusement park and arcade. 

To attend, there are two options for general admission tickets. The first has no fee and is brought to you by Maincard.io. A free Maincard.io account is required to qualify for this ticket. Interested attendees can sign up with an email address or can opt to pay for the ticket at twenty dollars instead. 

NFT LA Community Week’s complete lineup of activities include Meta Monday, IRL Alpha,  and a VIP Venice Innovator Party. Leading the line-up is the Curiosity Circus anchor event that takes place on Wednesday, March 27 with the ability to RSVP at https://lu.ma/NFTLA2024. Details for, “Meta Monday,” which happens on Monday, March 25 can be found at https://lu.ma/624u519w. Next, AI & Beyond: Shaping Tomorrow's Business Landscape is scheduled for Thursday, March 28. Interested visitors can RSVP for AI & Beyond at https://lu.ma/holametaverso-ai-event. IRL Alpha also takes place on Thursday, March 28. To obtain RSVP details for IRL Alpha, visit https://lu.ma/IRLalphaNFTLA. And just down the street also on Thursday, March 28 going into the later evening is the VIP Venice Innovator Party, with RSVP details at https://lu.ma/VatomNFTLA. Other events are still being announced. For more information on these events and more, visit https://www.outeredge.live/nftla  

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Audrey Pichy, Head of Partnerships

[email protected]

About the Edge Of Company: The Edge Of Company, is a pioneering emerging technology media, event, and advisory venture dedicated to pushing technological boundaries and redefining human potential. With a focus on web3, AI, other emerging technologies, and culture, the Edge Of Company aims to bridge the gap between these domains, fostering innovation, collaboration, and exploration.

About NFT LA Community Week: NFT LA Community Week, from the original creators of Outer Edge LA, represents a groundbreaking convergence of innovation, community, and creativity. This decentralized web3 festival, taking place from March 25th to 29th, 2024, in Downtown Los Angeles, serves as a platform for builders, dreamers, and innovators to come together and redefine the boundaries of what's possible.