Engineered scarcity. Real burn, limited supply, the Rolex of projects ERC-20 Token


No decimal scarce

Engineered scarcity. Real burn that effects the token value and distribution

This is a unique project where the total supply is 4096 and there are 0 decimals, meaning a minimum amount someone can trade is 1 whole token. Tokens cannot be divided into smaller parts, like 0.99, 5.5, 80.33 – it can only be, for example, 1, 5, 80. Scarce is an ecosystem that will partner with many projects and deliver a lot of extras along the way.


The Brolex collection is a collection of 4096 stunning watch NFT's of varying traits and rarity. Owning one of these get's you into the Brolex club the hottest private group with insider info and a whole load of perks to enjoy: Win 1 of 12 Rolex watches, Revenue share from decimal pool plus first access and whitelists spots for all upcoming projects that will be launched.

Rolex giveaways!

We are giving away $300k of Rolex watches! 12 in total! With the sales of our NFT's. The one who are lucky enough to mint a top 0.1% rarest will automatically win a Rolex worth $25k or ($20k in ETH, owners of 12 NFT's or more get $25k eth)


Our utility is being developed, we are building a utility that fits with our scarce theme where that other projects investors can lock their tokens away in our locker providing stability to the other project and a burn of the projects supply making them more scarce too. We are also developing our decimal pools for investors to trade when the price of 1 Scarce becomes to much for some.

These utilities will all lead to burns of SCARCE and generate revenue for marketing and development.

Telegram: @NoDecimalETH