Fandomdao Joins Top 5 Gainers on MEXC and and Offers Final Opportunity for Airdrop


After a strong debut, the Fandomdao‘s team is excited to announce new achievements and opportunities for the FAND token. Through its listing on MEXC, FAND has soared as one of the “24H Top 5 Gainers.” 

Through its second FandomdaoChallenge, the project built a community of over one million users. With a final opportunity for an exclusive airdrop and a strategic partnership with ICP, many are talking about this project.

Fandomdao’s Spectacular Rise and Community Expansion

Many crypto enthusiasts have been hearing about Fandomdao since its successful listing on MEXC on March 5th. And with good reason, as the project’s token (FAND) has seen an impressive growth of +315.51%. Ever since its listing, the token continued to rise steadily.

With the recent 2nd FandomdaoChallenge, the project has gained over one million new users within just three weeks. Its high participation rate of 95.7% is a testament to the project’s appeal and value.

The challenge allows users to vote for their favorite musician. Moreover, it serves a noble cause by donating to the “Hear the World Foundation” and aiding deaf children worldwide. 

Excitement builds for the 2024 Billboard Music Awards results, with a special surprise ready for fans supporting the top artist. The promise of an airdrop for voters of the first-place artist adds excitement for fans.

The voting period opened on February 16th and will continue until March 18th, so there is still time to join. The results will be available on March 19th, and an airdrop event will occur on March 21st.

To participate in the challenge, users can register on Fandomdao and receive 300 FAO points. These points let users vote for their favorite artist. There is also a chance to earn additional points by sharing the event link on social media.

The New Strategic Partnership with ICP

Fandomdao’s success is receiving validation from multiple sources. One of the latest news is the recognition by ICP.hub Korea (Internet Computer).

This acknowledgment highlights Fandomdao’s potential impact on web3 social platforms, which is gaining popularity and significance.

With ICP providing access to a decentralized blockchain network, Fandomdao can further enhance its user metrics and empower its community.

Integrating Web2 and Web3 marks a great shift for Fandomdao. The project has a fair reward system for decentralized engagement and participation. 

ICP’s infinitely scalable architecture and advanced security protocols make it a strong partner for Fandomdao’s ecosystem.

This strategic partnership aims to reshape the internet and reduce the dominance of tech giants like Google or Facebook. Indeed, the team promotes an “open and free” Web3 industry.

About Fandomdao

Fandomdao, a new Web3 social platform, unites artists and global fandoms. Users can engage without prior blockchain knowledge, accessing Fandomdao easily through existing social logins like Google.

Anyone can join the FandomdaoChallenge to support this initiative, aiming for a positive impact on digital communities. For more details, it is possible tovisit the official website or check the social media links below.

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