Fenix Inu presents the resurrection of altcoins and decentralized Private Sale access on Fenix Pad.


Fenix Inu is a utility token set out that provides open doors to all memecoin and low cap gems lovers; Fenix Inu launched an official token Launchpad called FenixPad which will give the best gems. The clients will have to select and open the door to enter pre-deals before records are available in the market.

Fenix Inu is a cutting-edge convention for clients and venture proprietors intended to assist in launching their undertakings and tokens most straightforwardly. Fenix Inu supports Seed Sales, Private Sales, Partial Raises, Presales, Fair Launches, and Stealth Launch no other platform out there. 

The company has an across-the-board stage, facilitating the clients with various features that can be utilized with no coding necessities. Fenix Inu provides a good, inclusive platform with two distinct kinds of Whitelists, Liquidity and Token Lock, KYC, and Audit Service, alongside different choices with hatchery benefits for chosen, particularly encouraging ventures.

The company has concocted an arrangement of levels to recognize projects effortlessly. The level of Fenix Inu goes from normal to gold and gold to platinum and, in conclusion, to diamond. The higher the level, the more secure. From the littlest ones to the huge and, as of now, settled ones, the arrangements of levels permit us to be a launchpad for all undertakings. The company introduced the first launchpad to offer assets in any crypto token as well.

My Alarm is an innovative feature just found in Fenix Inu. The client can set up the alert to remind them that 5, 15, or 10 minutes before the presale begins to ensure that the client does not miss another venture once more.

My Favorites is a unique feature introduced by Finex Inu which will help the clients to deal with favorite sales at any point, just by a click of a button.

Fenix Inu supports all types of wallets that are presently most utilized. 6% of every exchange is circulated to the Fenix Inus Staking Vault, permitting holders of gold+levels who are making $Finx to appreciate compensation from the vault of APY. This permits the holders to mark tokens to earn day-by-day recurring, automated revenue while permitting clients to get all the advantages of the holder level. Fenix Inu marking is adaptable, permitting clients to un-stake following 24 hours.

Fenix Inu will introduce pink sales soon, which will revolutionize the industry.