FX1 Becomes The New King of Crypto Entertainment


 In a remarkable display of entrepreneurial bravery, the startup FX1 emerged victorious in the high-stakes arena of cryptocurrency entertainment.

Their groundbreaking achievement came from participating in the widely acclaimed television show Killer Whales, where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their innovative ideas to a panel of seasoned judges.

Amidst fierce competition and nail-biting suspense, founders Damien Dau and Trent Allan of FX1, a pioneering venture intersecting AI, crypto, and sports entertainment, captivated the judges with their vision and energy.

Their pitch not only secured them as the official entertainment category winner but also came packaged with an offer of invaluable professional mentorship from one of the judges, propelling FX1 into the spotlight as a formidable player in the industry.

“I am willing to change my vote from a sink to a swim if you would be willing to accept mentorship from me”, Ran Neuner said.

The Killer Whales TV show is expected to reach 550 million households in 55 countries and in 5 languages. It is available on Apple and Android TV, among other popular streaming platforms.

Looking at FX1's official website and their community across X and Telegram, there is evident excitement about what they are building which marries the high market activity on their ERC-20 crypto token, $FXI.

Since the show, FX1 has shifted its focus to the world of Combat Sports and MMA, using advanced computer vision technology to abstract never-before-seen data from live bouts, including the speed and force of strikes.

In the wake of their victory, all eyes are now on FX1 as they embark on their journey to reshape the future of sports entertainment, including their intended move into the world of sports betting.

You can find out more about FX1 by visiting their website at https://fx1.io or by downloading their app on iOS and Android.

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