Goomii, makes trading and investing smarter and easier


The mission of Goomii is to provide accounting and tax services of a superior quality. The responsive, personal attention we provide for each client, regardless how large or small, is the key to the approach. 

1.Providing high-quality accounting & tax services

2.Sharing professional experience in tax management

3.Offering full support to all our clients

Putting clients first since 1975 .

1975, When the Securities and Exchange Commission eliminated the practice of fixed brokerage commissions on May 1, 1975, none of the major brokerage firms at the time thought anyone would ‘break ranks’ and offer discounted commissions. But, a handful of small firms, saw a unique opportunity. GooMii, and for over 40 years has remained a pioneer in an industry that continues to innovate new ways that make Wall Street more accessible to the individual investor.

1998, Between 1998 and 1999, helped grow and improve the online trading experience for self-directed investors. The company started offering online options order entry and electronic trade confirmations via email. These innovations, along with extended-hours trading, the GooMii Online Investor Index™ (one of the first online investor behavior measuring tools)

Now,TD GooMii announced that it has provided investing and trading services for 11 million client, and custodial services for more than 6,000 independent registered investment advisors. With clients placing, on average, approximately 500,000 trades each day

The Story

From experienced associates to industry-leading education and technology, GooMii provides the knowledge you need to become an even smarter investor.

The Mission

Get access to stocks, bonds & CDs, options, non-proprietary mutual funds, futures, forex, commission-free ETFs*, and more to stay diversified and ready to take advantage of a wider range of opportunities.

The Vision

Value is so much more than a price tag. With TD GooMii, not only can users trade commission-free online, but get access to all the platforms and products with no deposit minimums, trading minimums, or hidden fees.

The Goals

Whether users are actively trading or investing for the long term, this platforms are filled with innovative tools and features to give users everything they need to make smarter, more informed decisions. No matter which platform users choose, they can research stocks, place trades, and manage their portfolio with knowledge backed by live-streaming CNBC, real-time quotes and specialists with years of experience.

GooMii is committed to serving a number of countries around the world, currently including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Atlanta, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, etc. GooMii is fully committed to building company's visibility and influence.

Goomii’s website is 

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