HashFree Launches Four Core Consensus Mechanisms


HashFree has launched four core consensus mechanisms under the same platform namely GameFi, SocialFi, DAO & NFT. With the continuous sharp interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve and the strong volatility of the crypto market, almost all investors or practitioners in the circle believe that the crypto market has entered the next bear market. However, even if the macro environment is complicated and the market is in a downturn, there are still ecosystems like DAO, NFT, GameFi, DeFi3.0, etc. that are constantly looking for breakthroughs in the market, trying to bring the next evolutionary change for the encryption field.

Taking DeFi as an example, after rapid development in recent years, DeFi has transitioned from 1.0 and 2.0 to today's 3.0. DeFi3.0 is simply a farming-as-a-service model. All users need to do is to hold the corresponding project token to obtain high farming revenue, which greatly reduces the participation threshold for common investors. It can be seen that the major shift from DeFi 1.0 to 3.0 is to shift the focus to low-risk and higher-return solutions, which is extremely acceptable.

As a representative star project in the world of DeFi 3.0 in 2022 Q3, HashFree in-depth explored and integrated into DeFi 3.0. To build HashFree's unique DeFi3.0 ecosystem, HashFree unifies various advantages of DeFi over the past dynasties,  innovates the underlying technology and governance framework of digital financial infrastructure, and expands the encrypted financial self-ecology with paradigm effect under DeFi, and integrates of hot concepts such as GameFi+SocialFi+DAO+NFT.

Earn Compound Interest from Automatic Staking, with up to 196566.78% APY

In traditional DeFi, one needs to manually add LPs to get rewards. HashFree gives the native token $Hashfree the function of automatic pledge and compound interest, regardless of the number of participants, and always maintains the highest fixed APY in the market at 196566.78%. The cycle of automatic pledge and compound interest in the wallet is 15 minutes. The model is derived from Vault in Defi The idea of Vault and optimized, eliminating redundant operations on the fund custody platform, and realizing getting compound interest when held.

Deflationary Token, $Hashfree Price Spirals up

Compared with DeFi 2.0, the biggest advantage of DeFi 3.0 is that it adopts a tightening Token system to maintain long-term, sustainable and high-return APY.

Black Hole Destruction: Whether users in the HashFree ecosystem buy or sell $Hashfree, each transaction will generate a 17% slippage, of which 2.5% of each sell transaction will be automatically credited to the black hole address; 5% will become Farming Treasury, used to invest in the most potential digital assets, 50% of the profit will enter the repurchase pool, 25% of which will be used to repurchase $Hashfree and increase liquidity, and 25% will enter the black hole.

Consensus logic destruction: Every 10 $Hashfree can be exchanged for one $FreeCoin, and all the $Hashfree exchanged will be destroyed. Transfer at least one $FreeCoin Token to the wallet address that has never had $FreeCoin Token to bind the Hash-DAO relationship (Once $FreeCoin is sent to an address that has never been shared before, the consensus logic will be confirmed). After the exchange is completed, all $Hashfree will be destroyed.

The more transactions, the more profitable the savings treasury is, and the more $FreeCoin is superimposed, the more $Hashfree will be credited to the black hole address, thereby reducing the supply in circulation and maintaining the stability of the HashFree compound interest agreement. This allows the value of each $Hashfree token to continuously increase due to its deflationary nature.

HashFree-DAO Promotion Reward + HashFree Medal NFT Dividend = Multiple Income

HashFree-DAO promotion rewards: Each ecological member can attract more users to join the HashFree ecosystem by sharing, and obtain promotion rewards in the continuous differentiation and expansion of the community.

After using $FreeCoin to invite at least 10 participants to subscribe for 300 USDT (note: the sharing relationship cannot be changed once confirmed), complete the partner task, the pledged 300 USDT will be returned as a reward, and be eligible to receive an additional $Hashfree worth 200 USDT Purchase allocation, along with 1 HashFree Medal NFT and 500 $FreeCoins. If the quest is not completed by the end of the IDO, there is no other reward.

HashFree Medal NFT Dividend: Become a HashFree-DAO partner and invite at least 10 IDO participants to pledge 300USDT to complete the partner task. Get 1 HashFree medal NFT (transferable to others), users can enjoy dividends. 5% of the handling fee for each sell transaction will be distributed to all addresses that hold the HashFree Medal NFT. Then, regardless of the ups and downs, users will get the dividend revenue permanently.

Hash Game – Return Mechanism Leads to Sustainable Development

The core highlight of HashFree is the multiplayer game. Through the introduction of games, it supports the native token $Hashfree of the compound interest agreement to achieve full circulation, balance of payments, and permanent movement. In the hash game, the winner will get rewards from the hash game liquidity, and the lost tokens will be injected into the hash game liquidity pool as a supplement. The monthly hash game will count the profit, and buy $Hashfree to add the liquidity of the hash game in return to realize the market value growth of $Hashfree while users enjoy stable high-yield and interesting gameplay.

During the World Cup, Hash Games will also introduce World Cup games, including guessing (betting on the World Cup qualifying result to determine the winner), PK (obtaining PK rights through the derivative NFT launched by HashFree in the later period, and the level of points to determine the next the ownership of the betting chips), etc. Under the smart contract, everyone can participate online in a fair, just and transparent environment, avoiding black box operations and other phenomena, making the World Cup quiz more transparent.

The Bottom Line

When the DeFi ecosystem moves from 1.0 to 2.0 and then to 3.0, the word revenue is always the root cause of ecological progress. HashFree ignites the enthusiasm for decentralized finance with consensus and reflects the potential of the encrypted market with the value of NFT-DAO, which may be the evolutionary end of the decentralized world in the future.

HashFree's DeFi 3.0 ecosystem will be the integration of decentralized financial services to create a world-leading decentralized aggregation Web3.0 project integrating GameFi, SocialFi, DAO building, NFT value carrying and other functions. The main purpose is to provide users with comprehensive financial services to achieve a DeFi ecosystem with no threshold, high net worth, and strong consensus.

Website: https://pre.hashfree.xyz/#/home