Hedge Fund PSE Trading Announces a 148.5% Profit Increase in 2023, Collaborates with Top-Tier Audit Firm


PSE Trading, a leader in innovative financial solutions, announces a remarkable $148.5% profit surge in its Core Strategy Product for 2023, confirmed by an independent fund administrator's net asset value report.

The report highlights PSE Trading's strong financial performance, driven by strategic investments and foresight. The fund's macro report in September 2023 predicted a new bull market, reflecting optimism for future market trends.

Focusing on modular blockchain technology, the MOVE ecosystem, and the AI sector, influenced by U.S. AI stocks, PSE Trading has tapped into these areas' transformative potential. The fund remains bullish on Layer 2 solutions, Liquid Staking Derivatives, and Social Finance.

PSE Trading's success is rooted in its commitment to compliance and regulatory adherence. A partnership with Ceffu ensures institutional-grade asset custody, and an upcoming audit report from a top-tier firm will reinforce transparency and trust.

This profitable year is a testament to PSE Trading's strategic acumen, innovation, and market insight. The fund is poised to continue its growth and contribute significantly to the financial sector's evolution. For additional information on PSE Trading's strategies and insights, please contact us at [email protected].