IMOV Launches the Largest Integrated Wellness Community in the World, Followed by a Listing on BitMart


London, United Kingdom – IMOV, the first-ever crypto-backed fitness app with inbuilt Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements, has launched a fitness app for people of all ages and abilities.

According to the company, IMOV aims to encourage millions to lead healthier lifestyles, connect users to Web3.0, and combat climate change. In addition to fostering user-generated content, it leverages its Social-Fi aspect to build a stable platform. 

When asked about the mission of IMOV, the platform said, “ We aim to nudge people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. With the use of web 3.0 technologies like Native Global Currency, NFT Gaming, and others that offer social-fi, game-fi, and real money benefits, we hope to accomplish this mission. Additionally, connecting a person's fundamental everyday activities to web 3.0 can promote its most frictionless broad adoption.

IMOV platform is built around an essential daily activity that most people do while moving around. Therefore, IMOV lets users equip themselves with NFTs in the form of Sneakers. With this platform, users can earn game currency by walking, running, or jogging, which they can then use in-game or sell in order to make money. 

Users' activity data will be accurately tracked using GPS, motion sensors, and gyroscopes on the platform and a tracker for workouts. Currently, the platform is in its beta version and allows two activities, walking and running. Once users get sneaker NFT, the platform will also provide them daily energy, determining how much they can work out and earn.

The platform has two game modes, solo, and marathon for abled people. For disabled people, the platform has involved all people with different abilities. 

Currently, the platform is partnership with BitMart, CoinZilla, PinkSale, and CoinScope. In addition, it is supported by major chains such as Binance, Tron, Solana, and Polygon. The platform is currently in phase 3 of its roadmap and is planning to list IMOV NFT on the Binance NFT market in Phase 4, in addition to listing on Tier 2 exchanges, launching IMOV Beta V2, and becoming the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. 

About IMOV

IMOV is a Web3 lifestyle app that incorporates Game-Fi, Social-Fi, and the FIRST fitness app that includes people of all abilities. The IMOV application is based on an activity many people do daily. Furthermore, the platform encourages people to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.



Contact Person: Frank Cattaneo 

Email: [email protected]