Introducing Fyda Protocol – Automated Trading Strategies Onchain


A groundbreaking shift reshaped the landscape of DeFi and automated trading strategies with the introduction of Fyda Finance. Departing from traditional trading norms, Fyda emerged as a platform to automate trading strategies, strategically addressing the urgent demand for a secure and trustless environment in light of increasing security concerns associated with centralized platforms.

Hailing from various corners of the financial landscape, traders are quickly embracing Fyda, recognizing its potential to redefine the dynamics of automating trades. Trading on Fyda is fortified by smart contracts and protected from MEV attacks using on-chain price oracles. The platform aggregates liquidity from various decentralized exchanges (DEXs), ensuring the lowest price impact and enhancing the overall trading experience for users. Engineered with a focus to revolutionize user interaction, Fyda seamlessly integrates with diverse L1 & L2 networks, providing a cutting-edge decentralized trading experience for users.

What Fyda can do?

Fyda Finance stands out as a versatile platform, enabling users to seamlessly automate and streamline their trading activities. The platform’s unified configuration allows for automated buy orders, take-profit levels, and stop-loss parameters, accommodating both recurring and non-recurring trading strategies.

What sets Fyda apart is its capability to support advanced trading techniques, including Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) methods such as “Buy the Dip” and “Buy the Recovery.” On the selling side, Fyda offers sophisticated spread sell orders like “Sell the Rally” and “Trailing Stop Loss,” along with percentage-based orders for take profit and stop loss. This comprehensive suite of tools caters to diverse trader needs, providing a dynamic and precise trading experience.

How to use Fyda?

To trade, connect your Ethereum wallet to the Fyda dApp on Polygon, Arbitrum, or Optimism. Customize your trading preferences, including buy orders, take-profit levels, and stop-loss parameters. Execute trades seamlessly within the user-friendly interface, take advantage of Fyda’s simulation feature to test live strategies and backtest on historical data. Monitor your portfolio and market conditions for timely adjustments. Fyda offers a straightforward and efficient platform for traders across various EVM networks.

What’s Next

Looking ahead, Fyda Finance is poised to enhance its offerings by expanding its asset repertoire and incorporating additional EVM networks, unlocking new possibilities for users in the decentralized trading landscape. The roadmap includes the introduction of Smart Signals, a groundbreaking feature that empowers traders to craft sophisticated strategies. Leveraging technical indicators such as RSI, MACD, and Ichimoku, along with sentiment indicators like Fear & Greed, Smart Signals will harness on-chain data as well to inform and automate trading decisions.

In addition to these exciting developments, Fyda Finance is set to enhance user experience further by incorporating copy trading and integrating a Telegram bot for seamless trade execution. These additions aim to provide users with even more convenience and accessibility, making Fyda Finance a comprehensive platform for both novice and experienced traders alike. With these advancements on the horizon, Fyda Finance remains dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and providing cutting-edge solutions in the decentralized trading landscape.

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