Introducing KingCorgi, the First Deflationary Meme Token Built Into KCC Ecosystem


With KingCorgi, the first deflationary meme token integrated into the KCC ecosystem, including Staking, Yield Farming, Swapping, AutoSnip, and other interest-based services, is set to reach much wider audiences than most of the memecoins did in the crypto space.

A Dive into KingCorgi Chain’s Ecosystem

Inspired by the Queen’s most treasured pet, KingCorgi Chain hopes to become the first step to starting a new ecosystem from the project. However, even with the late start to the project, it promises to become the most prominent project in 2022.

For those with coins sitting in their wallet, KingCorgi Chain provides a way to earn interest on them. For this, the platform explains that users only need to connect their wallets to the KCC website and stake their coins.

There will be a variable lock-up term for Staking and a percentage of tokens for users. Typically, the lock-up terms range from 7 to 90 days, with an additional 5% to 110% of tokens. In addition, the platform said it would reward long-term holders with a greater interest rate.

During a conversation about the yield farming feature, the platform referred to the KingCorgi Chain as a platform that could also help with yield farming. Users will be able to convert digital tokens without having to use a third-party intermediary by lending their tokens to a KingCorgi Chain trading pair. As a result, KingCorgi Chain's yield farming platform can be profitable, especially when providing liquidity on less popular trade pairs.

Another unique feature of $KCC is autosnip, which will be available to users. According to the platform, what makes KCC unique is the ability of users to aim when farming or staking. The user may change the capacity, total burn, and liquidity of a coin or token at any time.

KCC Tokenomics and Distribution

$KCC is a BEP-20 token having a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 $KCC. It is KingCorgi Chain’s native currency and governance token. All transactions in KingCorgi Chain will be conducted via $KCC.

Token Name: KingCorgi Chain

Token Symbol: KCC

Network: BEP-20

Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000 KCC

  • Fairlaunch: 36% — (360,000,000)

  • Liquidity: 19.75% — (1975,524,000)

  • Bonus for Investors: 8% — (80,000,000)

  • Staking: 15% — (150,000,000)

  • Staking Reward: 6.9% — (69,000,000)

  • CEX Listing: 5% — (50,000,000)

  • Yield Farming: 5% — (50,000,000)

  • Airdrop: 1% — (10,000,000)

  • Charity: 1% — (10,000,000)

  • Burned: 0.3476% — (3,476,000)

Contract Address: 0x184aF67D26d7DB08F5dAaB8A43315D25f76819C7

According to the roadmap, the platform is in Stage 2, a phase that includes listing on major crypto sites such as CoinmarketCap, PancakeSwap, and Coingecko, as well as marketing. During stage 3, KingCorgi will plan programs such as bug bounty and airdrops. Finally, the platform's main goal for the fourth stage will be to gain 50k holders and CEX listing and publication of KCC swap and wallet.

Moreover, KingCorgi Chain has successfully fulfilled the Smart Contract Security Audit criteria by ContractChecker. A number of planned collaborations with crypto influencers and platforms, and AMA tours in the biggest crypto communities will make the project rise to newer heights.

For additional information, potential investors can visit the official website or join Telegram or Twitter to engage with the community.

About KingCorgi

The KingCorgi Chain (KCC) ecosystem includes services for staking, yield farming, swapping, wallets, auto sniping, and other interest-based activities. It is the first deflationary meme coin. In addition to its unique features, KingCorgi is making a difference because of a massive marketing campaign across all crypto platforms, a dAPP stake with an APY of up to 900%, and an unstoppable community.

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KingCorgi Chain

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