IQ Protocol Secures 50 Partnerships in 2022


IQ Labs team, the creator of IQ Protocol – a DeFi solution for renting NFTs and fungible tokens – have announced 50 project partnerships this year.

The much anticipated NFT rental solution has a stacked integration pipeline of GameFi, NFT, and blockchain subscription projects. 

The marketplace provides a collateral free rental solution for NFT owners to rent their NFTs for their utility, ultimately changing the distribution and valuation metrics for the space as a whole. The team has already made good headway on integrations with the first titles set to launch in Q3 and many more AAA games in development viewing the technology of a core infrastructure supporting their market strategy.

Utilizing an innovative solution of minting wrapped expriable synthetics, the IQ Space marketplace does not require collateral to be posted by NFT renters and poses no risk to ownership of the underlying asset. This will create a frictionless mechanic to help bring in more players and users by democratizing NFT utility amongst a larger pool.

The ability to earn non-inflationary yield from NFT ownership is a key component missing in the space which will assist in price discovery of individual assets and projects as well as bolster the value of the asset class as a whole.

IQ Protocol partners across both the fungible and non-fungible token solutions include PARSIQ, Mysterium, Autonio, Radom Network, Sator, ChainMyth, Bitspawn, Solcery, Firework Games, Nyan Heroes, SPARK ERA, Mogul Productions, Battle Saga, SolDrinks, TomoChain, Denet, Space SIP, Zone of Avoidance, GEMS, Tiny Colony, bitsCrunch, Starbots, 3D Gamers Guild, KridaFans, Metastrike, Solido Games, DarleyGo, Elementies, Guild Saga, PocketPay Finance, Spark World, Formless, Fabwelt, All Starz, NFTrade, Metopia, Lootbox, Three Pillars Gaming, Dappio, GameSol, Nekoverse, TudaBirds, MetaMerge, SolCraft, BloodLoop, Kitsumon, Fellaz, Souls of Meta, Pirates of the Arrland, GameHub, LuduFi, Penguin Karts, OneRare, Magic Square, Gumball 3000, The Red Village, Moon, and 0x Society.

Speaking about the milestone, IQ Labs CEO Tom Tirman said:

“The demand for IQ Protocol’s rental solution has been extremely positive and evidence that this will be a vital component of the crypto ecosystem.

Teams have been quick to notice the multiple benefits IQ Protocol brings to projects, players, and asset holders, and the value that a rental yields bring to a dynamic in-game economy. 

We’re very excited to launch the first games on IQ Space in the coming weeks and look forward to seeing technology bring new possibilities to the blockchain gaming experience.”

IQ Space, the IQ Protocol NFT renting marketplace, will go live on Polygon and BNB in the coming weeks with Avalanche and Solana releases planned for later in 2022. 


IQ Space is a blockchain project providing a decentralized money market for digital asset renting and on-chain subscriptions. The next money lego that allows users to rent wrapped expirable versions of digital assets without collateral, while allowing holders to earn by providing liquidity without risk.

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