Last Chance to Invest in Soteria’s Patented Battery Safety Technology through StartEngine Reg-CF Campaign


Soteria Battery Innovation Group’s Reg-CF campaign is live on StartEngine, but only for a limited time (the campaign is closing on January 17, 2024)! E-bike battery explosions are on the rise, and Soteria is on a mission to enable inherently safe batteries everywhere.. Lithium-ion batteries are a serious fire hazard, endangering lives and costing companies billions. Soteria is breaking away from conventional approaches, intervening at the root cause. By swiftly halting energy flow during a short circuit, they can eliminate the risk of explosions, bringing in a new era of battery safety. 

The Soteria team welcomes interested investors to explore this unique opportunity. It is a chance to be part of a company that ensures a safer future for industries that depend on battery technology. 

Soteria is backed by a powerful consortium including NASA, Lenovo, and DuPont. They also raised $8.3M in previous funding. 

What makes Soteria a great investment is its smart business approach. They have a strong licensing strategy integrated into the lithium-ion battery supply chain through their consortium. Their award-winning technology is protected by 80+ licensed and granted patents–enabling safer batteries in everyday devices from smartphones to electric vehicles. Additionally, they have 100+ ongoing R&D projects for further intellectual property development. With a 44% revenue growth in three years, they are poised to become a key player in the lithium-ion battery industry.

For more information about the Soteria Battery Innovation Group campaign, please visit StartEngine.