Lords of the Lands Metaverse Launching its First NFT Presale Soon


Lords of The Lands (LOL) is a utility-driven metaverse ecosystem allowing its NFT holders to monetize their virtual lands and earn monthly rentals.   The project is now set to launch its pre-sale event with a collection of 300 Land NFTs & 255 Lord NFTs.

The event will give a chance to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new blockchain concept, giving access to the genesis mint of both Land and Lord NFT at a discounted mint price. This exclusive opportunity will be available on the Lords of the Lands website. 

LOL Metaverse is built on unity & powered by Ethereum blockchain, it will be available on Web, IOS, Android, and VR Apps. The vision of the project is to provide an incentivizing yet entertaining metaverse experience by bringing all forms of Metaverse Utility into one place for LOL holders and the community.

The “Landlord” is the highest title in the LOL metaverse, to become a landlord you need to have at least 1 Land NFT & 1 Lord NFT in the same wallet.

The main Perk of becoming a Landlord is that it will generate monthly rentals in Ethereum for them.

25% of LOL creator royalty will be shared with the LOL landlords. The rent will be calculated by the rarity of the Land NFT and the number of days NFT holders will be holding both the Land NFT and the Lord NFT in their same wallet. 

LOL will also be organizing e-gaming tournaments on its e-gaming partner apps/website for its Landlords where they can play their favorite games like PubG, GTA V, FreeFire, etc and depending upon the rank they score in the game,  can win exclusive LOL NFTs like Lords, Lands, Vaults, Swords, weapons, accessories as well as prizes up to $10,000. These e-gaming tournaments will happen twice a month.

The Project’s total NFT collection size includes 3000 Land NFTs and 2000 Lord NFTs out of which LOL is launching 555 NFTs in the first pre-sale collection.

The Land NFT  is a non-fungible, transferrable, scarce digital asset stored in an Ethereum smart contract. It can be acquired by spending Ethereum. There are 3 types of 1×1 Land on the LOL Metaverse and each Land NFT comes with a hidden Treasure Chest containing rare LOL NFTs.

A Land NFT holder can build, publish and monetize their custom experiences on the LOL Land and create a world of their imagination using the LOL custom-built templates.

The Lords are the virtual reality-ready avatars, the medieval kings in the meta era, with attributes or rarities like unique powers, gadgets, and accessories. The Lord NFT holders will get beta access to the LOL Metaverse and in the future will get VIP access to LOL music concerts & sports events.

The registration for the whitelist spots has already began and the pre-sale date will be announced soon on their official Discord server  and Twitter channel. 

The price of the Land NFTs will start from 0.2 ETH and will go till 0.8 ETH and Lord NFT will cost 0.15 ETH each in the pre-sale.

About Lords of the Lands

Lords Of The Lands is a Decentralized metaverse of the futuristic medieval era ruled by its Landlords. The project aims to bring the future of Entertainment, Music Festivals, Sports & E-gaming together through Blockchain Technology, virtual reality and Artificial intelligence.

Media Contact:

Name: Shubham Gupta

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LordsOfTheLands  

Website: https://lordsofthelands.io/