MOSDEX Celebrates 1st Anniversary With An Exceptional Staking Rebate Event


Mosdex, the pioneering platform in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, proudly marks the significant milestone of its 1st Anniversary since launching its AI-Powered Arbitrage Protocol for individual customers. As we reflect on this remarkable journey together, Mosdex is excited to unveil an exceptional event that will delight its user base. From June 1st to July 1st ( UTC ), users can expect a substantial boost in staking rebates, making this anniversary celebration a truly extraordinary experience.

Enhanced Staking Rebate Structure

During the month-long event, Mosdex introduces a new and improved Staking Rebate structure, delivering enhanced earning potential for its valued users across various staking packages. The details are as follows:

– For the 90-day staking package, users will enjoy a daily staking rebate increase from the current 3% to an incredible 6%.

– The 30-day staking package now offers a 2.4% staking rebate, doubling the previous rate of 1.2%.

– In the flexible 14-day staking package, Mosdex provides a consistent 1.2% staking rebate every 24 hours, a significant upgrade from the previous 0.6%.

A Message from Leadership

CEO Joseph Emmett expressed his enthusiasm for the event, emphasizing its significance as both a celebration of Mosdex's milestone and a gesture of appreciation toward its users. The introduction of these new Staking Rebate rates demonstrates Mosdex's commitment to providing added value to its community. The team is excited to witness this event's positive impact on the platform and its users.

CMO Covey Aaron Added: 

“We have updated our commission structure, making it easier for our users to calculate potential returns and benefits. This transparency, we believe, is key to building and maintaining trust within our community."

Building a Strong Community Together

Mosdex invites its users to join in the celebration and actively participate in spreading the word about this remarkable event. By sharing the news and referring friends, each member contributes to strengthening the community while unlocking potential rewards.

About Mosdex: Revolutionizing Passive Income in Cryptocurrency

Mosdex introduces a groundbreaking staking-based arbitrage platform that gives users an unparalleled opportunity to earn daily passive income securely and efficiently. The platform boasts an advanced automated arbitrage engine that scans multiple order books across various exchanges, identifying the most profitable trades. Through Mosdex's proprietary profit-sharing model, users can enjoy daily passive income without the risks typically associated with traditional financial systems.

The Mosdex Arbitrage Platform leverages automated and predetermined mechanisms to calculate a highly competitive 24-hour expected return, potentially reaching up to 0.68% ROI daily. By staking their Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT), users virtually act as liquidity providers, earning recurring daily earnings.

With liquidity packages available for 14 days, 30 days, or 90 days, users can select the option that suits their investment goals. Expected returns are displayed upfront, ensuring transparency and allowing users to make informed decisions before locking their contracts. Additionally, profits exceeding or equal to $10 can be claimed daily directly from the user-friendly dashboard, eliminating waiting times and providing added convenience.

Mosdex remains committed to revolutionizing passive income opportunities within the cryptocurrency space, offering a secure and efficient platform for users to engage in staking-based arbitrage.

For more information, or to stay updated on the Staking Rebate Event and other important announcements, please visit the official Mosdex website at Stay connected with Mosdex as they continue to pioneer advancements in the world of cryptocurrency, providing users with a secure and lucrative platform for earning daily passive income.

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