MOSDEX Offers Investors Alternative From Banking Turmoil with Innovative Staking Platform


As fractional reserve banking systems continue to experience pressure in a rising rate environment, crypto assets like Bitcoin have experienced inflows as investors look for a place to store investable capital. MOSDEX continues to enhance their infrastructure to support these inflows by offering a lucrative staking platform for passive income. 

It's becoming clearer every day that the financial world is in the midst of a seismic shift, with bank closures sweeping across the US and raising serious questions about the stability of traditional banking systems. In response, forward-thinking experts in the cryptocurrency industry are pushing for decentralized financial infrastructure, which is safer and more reliable.

The cryptocurrency industry has been hit hard by the recent collapse of three banks, including Signature Bank and Silvergate Bank, both of which had established themselves as supporters of the sector. This unsettling turn of events has sent shockwaves through the crypto community, as investors and traders alike grapple with the fallout of these banking failures. 

In a world where traditional finance has long dominated, digital assets have emerged as a disruptive force, challenging the status quo and offering individuals a new way to take control of their finances. Among these digital assets, Bitcoin has become a symbol of liberation, empowering everyday people to break free from the grip of the banking system.

As the crypto industry continues to grow and evolve, there has been a shift towards acceptance of the need to collaborate with banks to comply with regulations, pay taxes, and administer payroll. However, digital asset companies remain committed to maintaining their core values of decentralization, transparency, and inclusivity and are leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the financial landscape. The recent banking crisis has compelled crypto industry experts to champion decentralized financial infrastructure like MOSDEX as a more secure and reliable alternative.

MOSDEX Staking Based Arbitrage Platform May Offset Banking Risks

Early in the year, Mosdex introduced its staking-based arbitrage platform, complete with an advanced automated arbitrage engine that scans multiple order books across various exchanges to identify the most profitable trades, allowing users to earn daily passive income through its proprietary profit-sharing model.

Mosdex’s innovative platform offers Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) holders a secure way to earn passive income without the risks associated with traditional financial systems. By staking their BTC or USDT, users can virtually act as liquidity providers while enjoying recurring daily earnings.

The Mosdex Arbitrage Platform leverages automated and pre-determined mechanisms to calculate a 24-hour expected return that is highly competitive, possibly reaching up to 0.68% ROI daily. Users can choose from liquidity packages ranging from brief periods of 14 days, 30 days, or 90 days, with expected returns displayed upfront before the contract is locked.

Profits can be claimed on a daily basis directly from the user-friendly dashboard as soon as they are available, provided that the rewards exceed or equal $10. This eliminates the waiting time and provides added convenience for users.

Here are some of the benefits users can enjoy from the MOSDEX staking platform:

  • MOSDEX provides users with a low-risk way to earn recurring passive income by staking their BTC or USDT on the platform.

  • Unlike traditional liquidity provision methods that carry the risk of impermanent loss, MOSDEX limits this risk by using user assets for arbitrage activities, which perform trades within milliseconds to capitalize on price differences across different exchanges.

  • Users can choose from various liquidity packages, with expected returns shown upfront, and claim profits on a daily basis from the dashboard.

  • With an expected daily ROI of up to 0.68%, MOSDEX offers a highly competitive alternative to traditional banks and other investment options.

  • MOSDEX takes the security of its users' assets very seriously, following industry best practices for data protection, access rights, and encryption, and performing periodic internal and external audits to maintain the highest standards.

  • MOSDEX also offers a referral program where users can invite others to join the platform and receive a 0.6% rebate for each stake made by a referred user.

To start earning passive income with MOSDEX and take advantage of its secure and low-risk staking platform, visit their website at today.

About Mosdex

Mosdex Limited is a Finnish financial and technology company. The Mosdex platform, which is the key product offering of Mosdex Limited, operates in a completely online and automated environment without a need for physical infrastructure.

The completely anonymous team at Mosdex has built an ecosystem of arbitrage tools for digital assets (cryptocurrencies). The platform has been audited, a detailed report can be found at For information about Mosdex and its workings, please head out to the white paper:

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