NEW WORLD METAVERSE丨Explore the Wealth Wave of Real Estate NFT


As the real estate industry continues to be a hot topic, it is also one of the means of investment and financial management. With the emergence of the epidemic in 2020, the global economy is rapidly declining, which directly promotes the rapid development of the blockchain industry, and more people have transferred their investment to the blockchain field.

NEW WORLD, the first real estate NFT under NWB Foundation of the United States, breaks the boundary between virtual and real, which not only accelerates the development of the real estate industry in the meta-universe, makes more people pay attention to the field of NFT, but also allows investors to create more wealth in NEW WORLD.

NEW WORLD is a meta-universe aggregation ecological platform based on real estate NFT initiated by New World Blockchain Foundation (NWB Foundation for short) in the United States and NP founding team in Dubai. At present, it has completed two rounds of financing involving millions of dollars. At the same time, the business model and verification results of New World team have been widely recognized in the past two years.


NEW WORLD's economic model is divided into two parts:

  1. The total issuance volume of NP token is 1 billion, of which 100 million is circulated in the market and another 900 million is generated by the market compound interest. The financial attributes of DeFi will be perfectly reflected in the NP token, and and the APY will be fixed at 183,394.2%, which will bring unexpected gains to all users participating in NP construction.

  2. Thanks to NEW WORLD NFT, NEW WORLD users can deeply participate in the construction of NFT. NEW WORLD NFT has issued 10,000 sets, which are divided into 8 rounds for casting. Users can not only get NEW WORLD NFT by opening a blind box, but also promote the value of NEW WORLD NFT in the process of NFT casting, which will also bring unexpected wealth to all users who participate in NEW WORLD NFT.

All in all, we need to participate in NEW WORLD. The reality is the first world in which we live, the meta-universe will be our second world, and the scene application of blockchain+real estate will eventually be fully integrated into our lives.

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