NitroBit launches Global Community Alliance Plan to initiate its global Ecologic expansion program


NitroBit, a free protocol in Web3.0, recently announced the official launch of its global community alliance plan and initiated its global Ecologic expansion program. According to official data, NitroBit has built more than 100 community alliances around the world, and plans to realize the construction of 200 global community alliances in the Q4 quarter.

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NitroBit, a free protocol that opens up the Metaverse and WEB3.0 era, was founded by the Free Alliance Association, a global community alliance that follows the spirit of DAO.

NBT (NitroBit Token) , the only token issued by the NitroBit Alliance in BSC, is the only token for the entire ecological circulation governance, and will never be issued additionally. NBT follows the spirit of DAO with the characteristics of complete decentralization, community autonomy, openness and transparency, officially opening its IDO on August 8, 2022 and  logging in to pancake and Token Pocket.

NBT, with the total amount of 10 billion, has launched a destruction mechanism of full destruction of pledges. As the DAO community governance token of the NitroBit Alliance Association, NBT owns multiple functions, including as certificate in WEB2.0/WEB3.0 network, as the token of the global community alliance, as the NOOS consensus of NitroBit NetWork and as the gas fee of its decentralized public chain transaction.

This IDO of NBT will last for 10 days in total. For the principles of fairness, justice, and transparent, and to prevent speculation, the Alliance will limit the IDO subscription quota of 100 USDT per wallet address, and will open LP in pancake and open for trading after IDO end.

The NitroBit Alliance Association was established in September 2019 in California, USA with core team mainly coming from blockchain technology research and development, cryptocurrency investment, and financial group investment and etc. NitroBit currently hires more than 100 direct employees, and has built more than 100 community alliances around the world, covering the community of more than 2 million users.

After 3 years of development, NitroBit Alliance Association has established branches and community alliances around the world, including the US headquarters, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong of China, South Korea, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Middle East, South Africa, etc.