PixEarn Launches, Aims Reshape The World For Arcade Game Lovers


The team at PixEarn, a play-to-earn gaming platform, is pleased to announce the introduction of its product to the crypto community. While PixEarn is a newly launched platform (launched one week ago), it has gathered momentum and is already making waves in the crypto space, spreading across most European countries.   

PixEarn's focus is to break the age-long jinx of losing time while playing video games. At its core, PixEarn lets you play, for now, a simple arcade game and earn real-world money in the process. (more games will be added soon)

The money earned can be used for shopping or to cover your expenses when vacationing abroad.  

As PixEarn continues to scale and ads start rolling in, the team will require less deposits from gamers and will split all profits realized with users 50/50.  

How To Join The PixEarn  

To create an account on PixEarn, follow these steps below:

Launch your preferred browser and visit https://pixearn.io/register?ref=1283088804 (note that you can only join using a referral link)

Complete the account opening form by entering your preferred username, email, Telegram, Ref code, and password.

Submit the application for consideration.

You now have an account on PixEarn. You can now start earning.

About PixEarn 

PixEarn is a P2E gaming platform where you earn real-world money while having fun. PixEarn combines blockchain technology with gaming, giving game lovers the opportunity to play their favorite game and make money in the process. The idea behind PixEarn stemmed from the days where the whole world was under lockdown and people were under quarantine. During lockdowns, people tend to look for ways to keep themselves busy, and that's the opportunity that the team at PixEarn seeks to explore.  

The focus of the PixEarn team is to revive arcade games and innovate the system to attract more game lovers. The team is working round the clock to have more than 80% of the popular games uploaded on PixEarn, and it intends to achieve this before 2023. If you are a game lover, you can invite your friends or family members to join the PixEarn train to earn from their commissions.

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