Play Music launches new ways using DeFi and DAO technologies in the digital collectibles.


PlayMusic aggregates innovative ways using the DEFI (Decentralized Finance) and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) technologies into the digital collectible’s ecosystem. The works of music artists are under a growing and supportive environment to evolve and expand. In the latest expansion, the company introduces the new concept of “Listen-to-Earn” in the crypto industry. Their objective is comprised of the following equation: 


The project covers a general context with the central theme PlayMusic, where their investors will be able to earn money listening to MusicMusic. They also will have the right to buy and put songs on their newly established platform. It will be a musical world, putting all singers on the same level, giving everyone the condition to prosper.

The governance concept the team of PlayMusic presents is to allow each creator in the community to have the appropriate right to participate in governance. The precise musical inspirations can grow, expand, and profit in their community. They design a fair economy that has the following components:

  1. Trading, 
  2. Lending, 
  3. Mining, 
  4. Leasing, 
  5. Pawn etc.

These features are essential to encourage the creation of music pieces, such as original MusicMusic or MusicMusic forging. In this way, each music creator and each participant can get a fair value for their works. An inspiration with any number of notes contains infinite possibilities in PlayMusic. The concept gives the users the stage for their imagination and their out-of-the-box ideas. Here, the company uses the notes to interpret the MusicMusic that belongs to them, where not a single note will be missed. Furthermore, the works of music artists on the PlayMusic are under a growing and supportive environment to evolve and expand. A new and different experience, where one’s routine in listening to MusicMusic won't change, and they are still rewarded for it:

  • Trusted Platform
  • Modern Technology
  • Smooth Interaction
  • Reward Market
  • Karaoke online

With this, PlayMusic seeks to make the paradox of fugacity fundamental to eternity. Their mission is to break through the antinomy and pioneer the unorthodox path to musical innovation. 

The tokenizing of PlayMusic is to give a chance to lesser artists without global reach, and even already well-known artists, to expand into a new market! The reality of the METAVERSE and its benefits are getting closer. It generates a complete, secure, and easy-to-trade ecosystem. NFT PLAY will have its standards of security and transparency of blockchain technology, where the investors can trade and generate staking with NFT PLAY.

The tokenomics of PlayMusic are as follows:

  1. TOTAL SUPPLY: 100,000,000 PLAY
  2. Token: Play Music
  3. Listen2Earn: 30%
  4. Airdrop: 3%
  5. Team: 2%
  6. Staking MusicMusic vesting over 60 days: 8%
  7. Presale: 33%
  8. Liquidity: 23%
  9. Burnt: 1%

The Selling tax allocation of Play Music is as follows:

  1. Buying TAX is 4% (2% International Partnerships and 2%rewards)
  2. Selling Tax is 4% (3% Liquidity and 1% rewards)

Intending users and potential music crypto enthusiasts must visit the official website and  Social Networks on the below-given links: