PowerU: Revolutionizing Energy Sharing with Distributed BoT Application Chain


What is Power Coin and what problem does it solve?


$POCO is the governance token of the PowerU ecosystem, a distributed energy sharing BoT (Blockchain of Things) application chain and a Cross-National, Multi-Scenario Clean Energy Sharing Ecosystem. It aims to solve various challenges in the energy sharing sector by providing a decentralized autonomous energy sharing network. $POCO holders can pay for energy sharing rentals or other ecosystem-related transactions such as minting NFTs of mining rights, paying gas fees on the application chain, etc.; stake or mine to earn rewards; participate in ecosystem governance; and contribute to the growth and development of the PowerU ecosystem.

The PowerU ecosystem encompasses distributed energy storage and IoT hardware, various offline scenarios, and a decentralized energy sharing network, potentially including a carbon credit measurement and trading system in the future. It connects energy sharers and users, enabling direct and free trading of energy while reducing transaction costs. The ecosystem spans various industries and scenarios, including powerbank sharing, new energy vehicle charging, energy storage, and more.


$POCO's value is supported by token buyback and value management based on fiat, income generated from PowerU energy sharing and IoT services, and the widespread adoption of the PowerU application chain in other IoT services or market expansion in different regions. By leveraging leading-edge technology and a professional team, PowerU aims to provide a clean, safe, and cost-effective energy sharing ecosystem with significant growth opportunities and high investment returns.





Token Overview 


  1. Token name: Power Coin
  2. Token symbol: $POCO
  3. Total supply: 10,000,000,000 (of which 6,000,000,000 will be locked and used to provide mining rewards to contributors of energy-sharing.)




Coinstore Listing


  1. Trading pair: $POCO/USDT



What are the utilities of Power Coin?


The $POCO token, as the governance token of the PowerU ecosystem, has several utilities and use cases:


  1. Purchasing PowerU NFTs for Mining: Users can use $POCO tokens to purchase LIWA NFTs and generate Mining Licenses by pledging a certain amount of $POCO, allowing them to participate in License staking mining and/or mining by valid orders of energy-sharing devices.  Additionally, $POCO can be used to engage in NFT-related activities within the PowerU ecosystem.


  1. IoT Service Consumption: $POCO can be used to access and consume various IoT services provided within the PowerU ecosystem. These services may include energy sharing, energy storage, new energy vehicle charging, and other IoT-related applications.


  1. Transaction Fees (Gas Fee): Projects or users accessing and utilizing PowerU application chain resources will need to use $POCO tokens as Gas Fees.


  1. Participation in Ecosystem Governance: $POCO token holders have the power to participate in the governance of the PowerU ecosystem. They can vote on proposals, contribute to decision-making processes, and shape the future development and direction of the ecosystem.


  1. Participation in the Carbon Credit Market: In the future, $POCO tokens may serve as a threshold for participating in the carbon credit market or as a payment and settlement tool for carbon credit transactions.


  1. Additionally, $POCO token's value is supported by token buyback and value management based on fiat, generating income from PowerU energy sharing and IoT services. The token also has the potential for appreciation due to the widespread adoption of the PowerU application chain in other IoT services or through market expansion in different regions.


Overall, $POCO serves as a multifunctional token that facilitates participation, utility, and value within the PowerU ecosystem.



What does the project ecosystem include? 


The PowerU project ecosystem includes various components and features:


  1. Distributed Energy Storage & IoT Hardware: PowerU incorporates a series of distributed energy storage and IoT hardware, such as shared powerbank IoT devices, new energy vehicle charging piles, high-power user-side energy storage systems, and more. These hardware elements form the foundation of the energy sharing ecosystem.


  1. Massive Offline Business Scenarios: PowerU integrates with diverse offline business scenarios, including energy consumption regulation for households and industrial users, photovoltaic and energy storage integration, and the Battery Swap project. This wide range of scenarios enables PowerU to cater to different industries and user needs.


  1. Decentralized Energy Sharing Ecosystem: PowerU establishes a decentralized energy sharing ecosystem that connects energy sharers and users. It facilitates direct and free trading of energy, reduces transaction costs, and provides economic benefits to electricity sharers while enhancing convenience for users to access electricity services.


  1. Carbon Credit Measurement and Trading (Future Potential): PowerU aims to establish a carbon credit measurement and trading system in the future. This system would allow participants to measure, trade, and offset their carbon emissions, fostering environmental responsibility and promoting sustainable practices.


  1. Leading-edge Technology: PowerU prides itself as the first BoT application chain dedicated to energy sharing. It combines shared energy, IoT, and Web3 technologies, providing an efficient pathway for converting Web2 users to Web3. This leading-edge technology forms the backbone of the PowerU ecosystem.


  1. Professional Team: The PowerU project boasts a professional team with extensive experience in the development and operation of shared power bank markets in multiple countries. They possess expertise in the WEB3 domain and have strong supply chain resources in EV charging stations, energy storage technology, and the IoT field.


  1. Growth Opportunities: PowerU offers significant growth opportunities with its comprehensive compatibility with standardized interfaces for third-party IoT devices. This compatibility enables the expansion of various IoT devices and use cases, with hardware and services easily scalable in different markets worldwide. Additionally, with the integration of a decentralized BoT application chain, PowerU further enhances its potential for seamless integration and adoption of IoT devices, fostering innovation and creating new opportunities within the ecosystem.


  1. High Investment Return: The PowerU project features a robust economic model that can withstand market cycles. As user adoption increases, it is expected to drive up token returns. Additionally, PowerU offers stable and reliable fiat currency rental returns, further enhancing its potential for high investment returns.


In summary, the PowerU ecosystem comprises distributed energy storage and IoT hardware, offline business scenarios, a decentralized energy sharing ecosystem, leading-edge technology, a professional team, growth opportunities, and a governance token ($POCO) and identity token ($LIWA) to support its operations and provide value to participants.

PowerU Pre Sale
The presale will take place on July 24, 2023, with a sale price of 1 $POCO = 0.002 USDT. It will release 50,000,000 tokens, accounting for 0.5% of the total Tokenomics. The minimum subscription per transaction is set at 50,000 $POCO (100 USDT).




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