Q Development AG Launches Innovative Platform for Sustainable Ecosystem Growth – 25mn USD Allocated for Potential Ecosystem Investments


Q Development AG, a company supporting the development of the Q Protocol, announces the launch of the Q Ecosystem Fund.

True to the spirit of Web3, the Q Ecosystem Fund is set up as a collaborative platform: Professional investors can support Q Ecosystem projects in all stages of development via their respective funds. Qualifying investments are then matched in Q tokens by Q Development AG. Flexible structuring options ensure that capital is deployed in an optimal way with the goal of fostering sustainable growth of the Q ecosystem.

As of its launch, 25mn USD are already allocated for potential ecosystem investments. Amongst others, the initiative is supported by Greenfield, a leading European crypto investment firm. Q Development AG has already received further interest from several professional funding and development partners who are keen to join this innovative format.

Background and rationale

In the fast-moving landscape of Web3, the need for robust financial support to foster innovation and bootstrap ecosystems is paramount. Traditional grant models in the crypto space have faced challenges and have not lived up to expectations. Distributing "free money" has created a precedent for potential fund misuse. Grant hunters, attracted by the lure of tokens, often lacked a genuine commitment to the long-term development of the ecosystem. This has led to a dilution of the grant impact and a diversion of resources away from projects with a true dedication to fostering the Web3 ecosystem.

This is why Q Development AG has chosen a different path: Via a novel structure, it brings together aspiring ecosystem builders with professional investors that have skin in the game, investing their own funds. Any funds provided by those professional investors will be matched by Q Development AG, resulting in a win-win-win situation:

  • –  Builders in the Q ecosystem gain access to funding;

  • –  Professional investors can leverage their own investments;

  • –  Through an alignment of interests, the whole ecosystem benefits when projects are successful.

The Q Ecosystem Development Platform disrupts the traditional grant model by introducing a unique approach that addresses the challenges of ecosystem funding:

Highest level of professionalism: Funding decisions are handled by professional investors such as Greenfield Capital. This ensures that the investment process, including due diligence, follows the highest level of professionalism.

Matching Investments: USD and Q TokensFor professional investors that join the Q Ecosystem Fund, Q Development AG commits to match their investments up to a pre-agreed amount with Q tokens.

Flexible Deployment: Depending on the facts and circumstances of each investment, Q tokens can be deployed flexibly – e.g. as an investment, grant, liquidity contribution or in another way that best fits the case. This ensures that the optimal deployment strategy can be implemented for each project.

Strategic Collaboration: Projects that receive funding become part of the Q ecosystem and receive support in a wide variety of ways. Deeper governance integration of projects is encouraged but not a requirement.

Profit AgnosticQ Development AG has no financial interest in the investments made. In line with its mission, this ensures a commitment to the ecosystem's growth without any ulterior motives.

Unlike many previous grant programs, Q Development AG prioritizes quality over quantity. By meticulously vetting projects, the stakeholders in the Q Ecosystem Fund ensure that funds are channeled into initiatives with the greatest potential to provide real value to Q ecosystem participants. This approach not only mitigates the risk of fund misuse but also amplifies the impact of investments on groundbreaking projects.

The launch of the Q Ecosystem Fund is a major milestone for the development of the Q ecosystem.”, says Nicolas Biagosch, Administrative Council of Q Development AG. “The initiative is about much more than just funding: projects building on Q will greatly benefit from the professionalism and the support network that can only be provided by working with top partners.”

We are excited to support the growth of the Q ecosystem. With the concept of Shared Governance Security coming alive, we expect a wave of innovation and progress.”, says Jascha Samadi, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Greenfield. “We very much look forward to receiving exciting funding applications!”.

Requirements and Application Process Funding applications can be submitted by any project that is building on Q or using Q’s governance features or intends to do so. Detailed instructions on how to apply will be published soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please contact [email protected].

About Q Development AG

Q is an EVM-compatible blockchain protocol, redefining Web3 with its groundbreaking concept of Shared Governance Security. Q Development AG is a private company based in Gamprin-Bendern, Liechtenstein, whose main purpose is to advance the Q protocol and support the Q ecosystem. To learn more about Q please visit: https://q.org/