Raritygram Whitelist Draws $100,000 In 24 Hours For Access To Web 3.0 Network


Raritygram, the next-generation ecosystem allowing blockchain project creators to express and implement their ideas while communicating with the world, has announced the company’s whitelist saw interested parties purchase $100,000 of NFTRarity in less than 40 minutes, allowing access to its Web 3.0 network.

Raritygram’s first August 20 sale consisted of 300 BNB worth of NFTs and was completed within just 40 minutes of going live. The next NFTRarity mint has been announced and will open on August 29th, with just 300 BNB worth of 2,500 NFTs up for sale operating on the BNB Smart Chain network. If users minted their NFTs on the BNB chain, they will be able to easily convert their token to any chain via cross-chain technology, the first time this tech has been implemented into a project of this size. Following the sale there will be no opportunity in the future to purchase these cards, anything that is not minted will be burnt. 

When users purchase an NFT as part of this project they’ll be among the first participants to gain access to the beta version of Raritygram. Users will have the opportunity to share posts (NFTs) on their profiles, view other participants’ pages, customize account settings, and create or promote personal projects, as well as get unique bonuses and privileges. Those bonuses include direct communication with the project’s developers, eternal boosts on the platform, and tokens worth 100% of a card’s cost.

Users will be able to choose from four different NFT types which all have their own separate categories and traits. Whether a user chooses Diamond, with 100 pieces, Sapphire, with 200 pieces, Ruby, with 900 pieces or Emerald, with 1,300 pieces, they will unlock certain functions on the platform. A strong feature of this is that Raritygram tokens are integrated into these NFTs, and by minting one users will receive tokens worth the same amount, with the exact number to be announced by Raritygram at a later date. For every minted NFT Raritygram is giving away a free non-fungible token from Green Ocean, a charity project highlighting the deforestation problem caused by out-of-control wildfires. Users will receive 100% equivalent value of their NFT card in Raritygram tokens. As these coins are the main currency of the ecosystem, participants have the opportunity to earn more profit by holding onto tokens and expanding their portfolio over time. The emission of tokens will be strictly limited, while the demand on the network will be extremely high considering operations and processes.

Raritygram’s platform has a number of interesting features users can engage with. People will be able to display their NFTs from different blockchains and publish their own development blog posts. Every participant will be able to customize their personal profile as per their own needs and design requirements. There is also a Smart Search function which enhances the user’s experience via the platform’s convenient filter. All participants can also rest assured knowing their digital art is safe on Raritygram’s platform. The team is dedicated to making sure that NFTs remain in the custody of the rightful owner and are not plagiarized. Raritygram also has its own unique internal economy that allows users to obtain and rent commodities throughout the decentralized platform. To like and comment a minimal gas fee is charged to participants. This helps to weed out spammers and rewards Raritygram’s most active users. 

“Raritygram is aiming to be the social-media platform of the future. We are excited to announce the largest blockchain project of 2022 which will one day substitute all other platforms that are commonly used today. Come and join Raritygram to be part of the future that will see you gain profits and monetize your social media popularity,” said Raritygram’s Press Secretary Nadia.


About Raritygram:

Raritygram is a Web 3.0 ecosystem that allows blockchain project creators to safely express and implement their ideas to communicate with the world. Any digital artist can freely post their work on Raritygram’s platform to promote and develop it further. Raritygram is beyond a marketplace or an advertising platform. It is a social media platform that enables any creator to share all the relevant information about their project in one convenient place. For more information visit: https://raritygram.io

Raritygram Marketing Contact:

Valeriya Ghgenti

[email protected]