Reaktor ($RKR) Launches to Transform Web3 Gaming with Groundbreaking Layer 1 and Mining Innovations


Huntsville, AL, USA – February 29, 2024 – Lion’s Share Group is excited to unveil Reaktor, a pioneering initiative poised to transform the Web3 gaming landscape through its Gaming Blockchain L1, Game Distribution Platform and Mining technologies.

In the rapidly evolving Web3 domain, Reaktor stands out as a key innovator in gaming, Layer 1 blockchain, and mining, spearheaded by Jerry Waugh of uNhumanly LLC. This venture is set to start a new wave of innovation across the Web3 ecosystem, enhancing user engagement within both Web3 and traditional gaming communities.

Reaktor's mission is to revolutionize gaming interactions through its unique offerings, including DePIN mining software, a gaming distribution platform, the flagship Play-to-Earn game "Minions of Steel," and a Proof of Work blockchain equipped with AI-driven anti-rug features and the Cryptographic Entangled Economy model.

The introduction of the uN-miner represents a leap forward, seamlessly integrating PoW token mining with gaming. "Minions of Steel" exemplifies this integration, allowing players to mine using their own GPU for $RKR tokens while engaged in gameplay, thereby elevating the user experience and redefining engagement norms.

At the heart of Reaktor's ethos is a commitment to community trust and transparency. As well at the $RKR in-game utility token, the Layer 1 blockchain will be powered by $RKRc Coin. RKR Coin is designed to be the cornerstone of transaction fees within Reaktor’s ecosystem, extending its utility beyond traditional uses.

Through its partnership with Lion's Share Group, Reaktor is expanding its market presence. This collaboration leverages an important  high value network and custom strategies aligned with Reaktor’s objectives, ensuring significant reach and positioning the company for great success in the Web3 space.

Looking ahead, Reaktor's roadmap includes launching a leading-edge Web3 website and Discord community, preparing for a Tier 1 Exchange listing, debuting the Alpha version of the Reaktor L1 Blockchain and the launch of their very own Gaming Distribution Platform (a Web3 Steam). A highlight on the horizon is a live tournament for "Minions of Steel" at the Las Vegas HyperX Arena, promising an exciting culmination of developments.

Reaktor represents a stride towards a decentralised future where gamers are empowered through innovative technology. Backed by a visionary team and pioneering technology, Reaktor is on course to redefine the realms of Web3 gaming, mining, and decentralized finance.

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