Reformer: The Provider of Quantitative Trading Solutions for Digital Asset Globalization


Reformer (RMR) is a global investment management firm specializing in alternative investments. The company's beginnings can be traced back to 2013 when co-founder Rosie Rockefeller filed the first patent for an artificial intelligence learning system. RMR's mission today is to deliver superior investment results with manageable risk and to conduct business with us for the highest level of security, with over 30,000 clients, 200+ employees, and over 23 percent net annual transaction growth.

Through support for multiple blockchain asset types, Reformer provides a secure and convenient smart solution. Reformer enables users to take complete control of their blockchain digital assets while also effectively facilitating the practical application of digital assets through unified storage, management, and high-frequency automated quantitative trading of mainstream digital assets.

The process of determining, expressing, or measuring the amount of investments based on a quantifier is known as quantification. Quantitative trading benefits from discipline, systematicity, timeliness, accuracy, diversification, and robustness. For many years, mature stock markets and futures markets in Europe and the United States have validated quantitative investment as an emerging investment approach. Reformer is based on the creation of risk-free high-frequency automated quantitative trading of digital assets via smart contracts, cross-chain gateway, and cross-smart contract technologies. Reformer enables users to conduct high-frequency automated quantitative trading of digital assets via the Reformer platform or other third parties, and the smart contract mechanism to monitor and execute the trading process, avoiding the risk of default by all parties involved in the high-frequency automated quantitative trading process. 

Reformer offers its users numerous advantages, including simple and convenient trading, deposit functions that include top fiat currencies from various countries, and the Reformer intelligent platform. Reformer's innovative platform products and services enable businesses to deploy blockchain solutions quickly, manage digital assets such as bitcoin and Ethereum, trade digital assets, and bind digital assets to bank cards, seamlessly connecting them to the physical world, allowing them to be traded. It enables your digital assets to be used in various transactions, truly ushering in a digital era.


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