Rocket3 Protocol Launches Revolutionary Gas Fee Reduction Platform, Transforming DeFi Trading.


Rocket3 Protocol, developed by a seasoned DeFi team, announces the official launch of its innovative on-chain trading platform. Rocket3 Protocol is set to redefine the landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi) by introducing a novel solution to address the longstanding issue of high gas fees.

What is Rocket3 Protocol?

Rocket3 Protocol is an on-chain trading platform designed to save gas fees for traders, especially those making small transactions. On the Rocket3 platform, users can reduce gas fees by up to 96% with just a single click when transacting. Compared to competitors, Rocket3's main advantages lie in its technical design and growth potential.

How Does It Work?

The principle behind Rocket3 Protocol is to reduce the number of times gas fees are paid per transaction, thereby lowering gas costs for each user. Its core innovation is the use of an intent-centric algorithm that clusters users with similar trading intents together for swift and efficient trade matching. Additionally, every successfully matched trade undergoes a voting process by the protocol's DAO organization to ensure fairness.

Roadmap and Vision

Currently in closed beta testing, Rocket3 Protocol plans to launch its public beta in early January, along with the introduction of its Rocketship pooling feature for group purchases. In the long run, Rocket3 aims to expand platform capabilities to include off-chain signal tracking and on-chain derivative trading, with the goal of providing convenient and cost-effective investment modes and valuable investment targets to users in the multi-billion dollar gas fee and on-chain asset markets.

Funding Status

Recently, Rocket3 Protocol completed its pre-seed funding round. The team has indicated that details of this fundraising round will be announced soon. This injection of capital demonstrates market confidence in Rocket3's technology and future growth potential.