Smart Layer Partners with CLEBUS on Open Loyalty


Smart Layer and CLEBUS have partnered on a unique Open Loyalty solution for CLEBUS clients and partners in a wide range of consumer and business applications where Smart Layer technology can deliver improved commercial benefit, user experience and innovation.

CLEBUS is a blockchain platform which enables easy access to virtual reality and metaverse, while aiming for a hyper-connected environment where Web2 and Web3 interact seamlessly. It encourages Web3 transformation of existing Web2 services, and incorporates blockchain technology into daily life services, so that lowering the entry barrier for the public mass users. 

Alman Company established CLEBUS in 2006 and incorporated blockchain technology to boost Web3 transformation of people’s daily lives. 

The company supports businesses on-boarding Web3 environments by issuing NFTs of their core functions via CLEBUS. Currently, Alman Company is providing NFT services for HAN SUNG Motors which is an official dealer of Mercedes-Benz in Korea, a high-end cosmetic brand ‘LBB’ among others.

Smart Layer will sit on top of the CLEBUS platform allowing: 

> Executable NFTs to be issued as part of open loyalty programs in automotive, travel, CPG, events with a b2c and b2b focus;

> Event attendees or members of loyalty or rewards programs to seamlessly generate a Smart Pass or proof of ownership via attestation or email;

> Onboarding of web2 users at scale without the need for a web3 wallet or complex signature verification meaning easy onboarding into web3 experiences and the ability for any Smart Pass holder to effortlessly unlock rewards or experiences. 

In the future, Smart Layer and CLEBUS plan to expand technical support and strategic business relationships, including various events and promotions.

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