Smart Trading Automation Now Available on the Altrady Crypto Trading Platform


Altrady introduces smart trading automation features to its multi-exchange crypto trading platform. Users can now place take profit orders and trailing stop orders for a more comfortable, more convenient, and much simpler trading experience through automated solutions.  

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS — The Altrady management releases smart trading automation features in their crypto trading platform as part of the long-term plan to become the global leader in the trading software industry. The developers behind the platform believe that including take-profit orders and trailing stop orders in Altrady’s smart trading terminal can improve users’ overall experience by helping them save time, minimize losses, and maximize opportunities in a dynamic crypto market. 

CEO Benoist Claassen remarks, “We are thrilled to have finally released Altrady’s smart trading automation tools. This may be a small step moving forward in our road map, but it is a milestone worth remembering. The release of these automation features will constantly remind us of our promise to give Altrady users the easiest experience in this trading world.” 

Altrady’s smart crypto trading automation features include take profit order and trailing stop order, both of which can help traders maximize their profits and minimize their losses. Using a smart trading terminal allows traders to participate in crypto markets 24/7 without needing to be physically nor mentally present. It also promotes emotionless trading by removing traders’ tendency to randomly change their trading decisions due to a surge in either excitement or worry. 

Altrady continues its research and development to provide the latest technology in cryptocurrency trading. Their roadmap does not stop in the release of automated crypto trading features and the release of other tools that may help ease and simplify their users’ overall experience and help them profit from this activity. 

About Altrady 

Altrady BV is a Netherlands-based software development company. Their flagship product is Altrady, a multi-exchange crypto trading platform.