Socrates Leads Debate2Earn Revolution with New Pioneer Pen


Socrates, the world’s first SocialFi Debate-to-Earn platform, announces a significant upgrade to its ecosystem with the launch of the Pioneer Pen, marking a new chapter in online intellectual engagement and blockchain integration.

On 11th January, Socrates is set to transform its community engagement model by upgrading all existing SBT Pens to the innovative Pioneer Pen, an NFT based on the ERC-721 standard. This move signifies a shift from the current ERC-1155 standard, embracing the uniqueness and tradability that NFTs offer. Each Pioneer Pen is designed to be as unique as its owner, encouraging users to forge new thoughts and express individual insights. From the 12th January, these Pens can now be bought and traded on the Socrates in-app trading market.


“This upgrade to Pioneer Pens marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards creating an interactive and rewarding ecosystem," expressed Lottie Wells, Global PR & Communications at Socrates DAO, with genuine enthusiasm. "Our shift to the Pioneer Pen is all about enhancing the user experience, where users can engage in activities to enhance their Pioneer Pens with different attributes. The Pioneer Pens will be a tool for empowerment; each Pen is a reflection of its owner's identity and intellect on our platform, offering a new level of personalisation and engagement in the SocialFi space."

This announcement is part of a series of initiatives by Socrates to establish a 360° instant rewards ecosystem. Users have the opportunity to earn rewards through various interactions on the platform, such as voting, commenting, liking, posing multiple-choice questions, and showing support. On the 13th January, Socrates is excited to introduce the Pop Quiz feature, where users can engage with others' questions that are live for a brief 30-minute window at most. The correct answer (decided by the question creator) is revealed instantly; if correct, the participant instantly wins the prize and the question closes, but if incorrect, the question creator receives the participants' points.

In addition, users can earn rewards by participating in season 1 of the SOC airdrop competitionSocrates' governance token, which is driving fierce competition amongst users and will close on the 21st January. The airdrop announcement was a highlight at Socrates’ recent series of launch events. The events, held in major cities including London, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City, offered attendees a hands-on experience of Socrates' innovative features.

At the Hong Kong event, a collaboration with HTX Ventures took center stage, setting a vibrant tone for the festivities. This gathering was more than just a demonstration of Socrates' platform capabilities, celebrating of cultural harmony and artistic excellence. It synergised Socrates’ dedication to meaningful debates and community engagement with HTX Venture’s expertise in curating exclusive and immersive innovation in 2024.

The introduction of the Pioneer Pen is a step towards a more dynamic, engaging, and rewarding experience for Socrates’ global community. With this upgrade, Socrates reiterates its vision of a platform where debate and discourse are encouraged and rewarded, making it a haven for thinkers, debaters, and knowledge seekers worldwide.

About Socrates
Socrates is a global web3 social media and entertainment platform based on blockchain, where users earn rewards by participating in multiple-choice Q&As, debating, and sharing knowledge. Combining the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi, the organisation aims to pioneer a new era of dialogue and knowledge beyond borders, empowering and rewarding individuals to share their vision and shape the future through diverse perspectives.

With social media and mainstream media currently directing human thoughts, Socrates inspires individuals to think freely about issues and combats misinformation. The platform features an innovative and intuitive user interface, allowing anyone to openly debate and discuss any topic, ranging from politics to sports and entertainment. Users can create multiple-choice questions in-app, allowing others to interact by voting, giving reasons, and liking comments. 

Integral to Socrates' mission, they're dedicated to providing a space for people to voice their honest opinions, presenting unique perspectives in a streamlined format. The platform has also created an incentivised ecosystem where any interaction requires contributing to the question's prize pool, with potential rewards being distributed once the question has closed. Valuable contributions and more popular 'trending' questions may offer larger rewards, ensuring users initiate or contribute to the dialogues that matter.

Utilising decentralised blockchain technology, users can access the platform by linking their non-custodial wallet and using crypto. With a focus on transparency, safety, and security, the community will benefit from web3's unparalleled privacy features and spam reduction. 

Socrates is a global organisation with a unique decentralised model that places its members at the core. With many members from leading fintech, web3, and crypto companies, the company has considerable plans for expansion, and is dedicated to giving everyone the freedom to share their opinion without constraint, fostering a community-driven platform that transcends geographical boundaries.

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