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In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it’s no surprise that the way we do business is changing too. And as more and more businesses move online, the need for efficient and transparent marketing strategies becomes increasingly important.

Today we will review the Affiliate Me Token (AMT) project, which aims to create a more efficient and transparent way to connect brands and marketers. We will also look at the team’s vision for the project and their plans for the future.

Affiliate Me Token – Overview

First thing first, let us begin with a general overview of the Affiliate Me Token. We will do so by discussing the team’s aim and what it is looking to achieve.

A look at the project’s roadmap will also help give a clear idea about the main project’s milestones. Finally, the project’s ongoing ICO will be worth mentioning to gauge the potential upside investors may enjoy.

What Does AMT Aim to Achieve?

In order to create a fully functioning decentralized marketing ecosystem, the team aims to achieve the following:

  1. To give startups and ICOs the ability to market their products and services without high costs.
  2. To provide a transparent, fraud-free system free from the clutches of centralization.
  3. To allow marketers to earn rewards for promoting tokens and projects.
  4. To create a system that is easy to use and navigate, with a dedicated page for each advertiser.
  5. To allow advertisers to control the rewards given to marketers based on the level of investment made.

The image painted by this list is one of a fair, open system providing opportunities for all involved parties. This is in stark contrast to the current state of the marketing industry. The sector frequently deals with problems such as high costs, lack of transparency, and centralization. 

The Project’s Detailed Roadmap

Every project needs to share a roadmap with its users and investors. AMT is no different, and this team has thoughtfully laid out its plans every month. Here’s a quick overview of what the team included in its roadmap:

  • August 2022: The team began forming and putting together the business model for AMT. They also prepared their whitepaper during this time.
  • September 2022: The team officially announced the project and shared their whitepaper. They also began establishing partnerships with other businesses. 
  • October 2022: The team progressed sales via BSC Pad this month. They also started to promote the project through advertising.
  • November 2022: The team will begin testing the beta platform. They will also continue to engage with the community through various channels.
  • December 2022: The team will celebrate listing on the first exchange. They will also continue to work on media engagement and promotion.

The project’s roadmap is ambitious but realistic. The team has a clear plan and timeline for each milestone. This is reassuring for investors who want to see a well-organized project with a clear vision.

The AMT Public Sale

AMT has also shared details about its ongoing public sale (or “ICO”). An ICO is a process whereby a company sells digital tokens to the public to raise funds for its operations. 

In AMT’s case, the company is selling 50 rounds of tokens, with each round consisting of $20,000 worth of tokens. The price per token is equal to $0.00010, and investors will also receive an airdrop of 5% of their investment. The price per token during the ICO is $0.000100.

The AMT public sale is ongoing, and interested investors can purchase tokens through the company’s website.

The Allocation of the AMT Token

Crypto projects need to find the right balance when distributing their tokens. Affiliate Me chose the following strategy:

  • 55% of the total supply will be available for purchase during the ICO sale.
  • 15% of the tokens are set aside for the development team. This ensures the team has the incentive to continue working on the project even after the ICO has ended.
  • 15% of the tokens will go to the team and the advisory board. The advisory board provides valuable feedback and guidance to the team. Consequently, they will get rewards for their time and effort with tokens.
  • 10% of the tokens are set aside for marketing. This allows the project to attract attention from potential users and investors.
  • 5% of the remaining tokens will go to the community as an airdrop.

The Project’s Partners

Signing the right partnerships in the crypto industry is paramount to the success of any project. A good partner will help you succeed where you might have failed. Furthermore, it may provide the extra support that can make all the difference. 

Affiliate Me partnered with some of the business’s biggest and most popular names, including Beincrypto, Coinmarketcal, and Coinranking. Investors often look at a project’s partners list to get an idea of its stature in the industry. 

Bottom Line – A Project Trying to Appeal to a Large Market

Affiliate Me is a project aiming to appeal to a large market. The team has put together a comprehensive roadmap and is progressing. The project’s public sale is ongoing, and investors can purchase tokens through the company’s website.

Affiliate Me has also partnered with some of the business’s most popular names, hoping for a good chance of success.

For more information on Affiliate Me, refer to its website, whitepaper, or social media pages.