Starter’s Legendary Crypto Launchpad Partners with Atlanta Blockchain Center Immutable Founders Incubator to Empower Diverse Startups


February 21, 2024 – In a landmark move for the blockchain industry, Starter International Holdings (, renowned for its pivotal role as a top crypto launchpad, announces resuming IDO operations for this cycle, partnering with a 24/7 physical presence for crypto incubation in Atlanta. The Atlanta Blockchain Center offers a learning and event center, incubator and mentorship. This collaboration is set to redefine the IDO launchpad landscape, offering unparalleled support for startups navigating the complexities of blockchain fundraising, networking, and technical exchange on a global scale. Starter’s interoperability, which currently supports five blockchains, is kickstarting its 2024 operations on Coinbase’s L2 Network, “Base”.

A New Chapter in Blockchain Innovation

Once celebrated as the premier launchpad in crypto, Starter is poised to reclaim its position. "Diversity is the engine of innovation. If you are not inclusive, you are missing out. The same is true for the next generation of blockchain applications. There is a flagrant lack of diversity in the VC industry,  In 2022, only 1% of all VC funding went to Black-founded companies," stated Marlon Williams, the visionary founder of Starter Labs and the Atlanta Blockchain Center. "Our mission is to build an inclusive and diverse community within the blockchain space, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds and fostering equal opportunities."

Empowering Startups with Multi-Blockchain Support

Leveraging its rich history of launching over 60 IDOs and raising more than $45 million across diverse blockchains, including Polygon, Ethereum, Fantom, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain, Starter is now expanding its reach by launching on Base. This Ethereum Layer 2 chain by Coinbase is known for its safety, low costs, and developer-friendly environment. Its addition underscores Starter’s dedication to providing cutting-edge, accessible platforms for blockchain entrepreneurs and investors globally.

Championing Diversity and Innovation

In an era where diversity in tech remains a critical challenge, Starter stands as a beacon of progress. "Inspired by recent SEC mandates for Nasdaq-listed companies, we're bringing these same, essential diversity principles to the blockchain world", Williams explained. "Our platform is designed to elevate minority and diverse founders, ensuring they receive the support and visibility they deserve."

Streamlining the IDO Process

Starter distinguishes itself with an automated, community-driven approach to IDOs, allowing projects to seamlessly launch and investors to participate with confidence. Through rigorous vetting and the power of community voting, Starter ensures that only the most promising projects make their way to the forefront, backed by a robust investor pool eager to support the next wave of blockchain innovation.

The Atlanta Blockchain Center: A Hub for Growth

Underpinning this ambitious relaunch is the Atlanta Blockchain Center, the first of its kind in the USA. Founded by Williams, the center is a testament to his commitment to nurturing local talent and fostering a vibrant blockchain community. "The Atlanta Blockchain Center is crucial to our ecosystem, providing a space where founders can connect, share ideas, and drive forward the future of blockchain technology. My vision for it is ‘#10in5’ – I see it among the top 10 blockchain innovation hubs in the US in the next five years", Williams highlighted. 

Looking Forward

As Starter Labs embarks on this exciting journey with Starter International, the industry watches with anticipation. The reimagined launchpad is not just a platform; it's a movement towards a more inclusive, innovative, and interconnected blockchain ecosystem. "With the new Starter launchpad, we're not just bridging blockchains; we're building bridges between communities, innovators, and the future of decentralized technology", concluded Williams.

Introducing $BUIDL: A Token for the Future

Central to the launch is the introduction of a new token, $BUIDL, which plays a central role as an enabler in vetting, voting and fundraising for startup projects in the ecosystem. The enthusiasm surrounding $BUIDL is palpable, with all fundraising rounds amounting to $1M swiftly closed within two weeks, signaling strong market confidence in Starter’s holistic vision.

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About Starter

Starter is a leading blockchain R&D company specializing in play & earn gaming, #IRL physical coworking spaces and incubating, community engagement, and decentralized fundraising opportunities in Web3. With a history of success and a vision for the future, Starter’s new launchpad is dedicated to empowering builders and trailblazers in the blockchain space. Through its partnership with Starter International and the support of the Atlanta Blockchain Center, Starter is poised to lead the next wave of blockchain innovation. 

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