Takibi Inu Emerges as the Newest Dog in the Binance Smart Chain


Takibi Inu is a newly launched crypto platform developed by experienced and professional crypto geeks. In the recent development, Takibi Inu recognizes itself as the newest dog in the Binance Smart Chain. Takibi means "bonfire" in Japanese, which alludes to the flame aspect of the dog. This project's theme is based on burns and reducing the total supply as much as possible. The company also aims to showcase the utilities of NFTs, Staking, and NFT Marketplace into the token to incentivize investors to acquire a passive income.

The core team of Tabiki Inu is highly experienced in the crypto space. Most of the team are working full time in crypto and, throughout their time, have built a high reputation in the space. Furthermore, their connections expand throughout multiple social media platforms, and with such marketing expertise, the founders aim to push the project beyond investor expectations.

Furthermore, Takibi Inu harnesses its flames to utilize a continuous 0.2% auto burn on every buy and sell transaction. It implies that the total supply of Takibi will continually be lowering as multiple transactions come through. The Transaction Tax is as follows:

  • Transaction tax: 2.2%

  • Marketing: 1%

  • Operations: 0.5%

  • Auto Burn: 0.2%

  • Liquidity Pool: 0.5%

At Takibi Inu, the company will be establishing a partnership with Sphynx Labs in order to set up its staking pool. Considering this fact will provide more eyes to the partnered project and ensure that Takibi Inu holders can stake their tokens earlier than expected. Furthermore, the NFT staking will be via their own Dapp, which will also consist of an inventory section to view the NFTs. In this inventory section, holders can select their NFT and stake it.

NFTs are a crucial part of any crypto platform, and it helps in boosting the industry; therefore, Takibi will also be releasing 888 uniquely generated NFTs with set rarities. The following rarities will provide the NFT staker with the following APYs for staking:

  • 450 Common NFT 300% APY

  • 250 Uncommon NFT 450% APY

  • 125 Rare NFT 700% APY

  • 30 Legendary NFT 900% APY

  • 8 Shiny NFT 1500% APY

The NFT Lock-up APY and Minting details are given on the website; intending users can visit the whitepaper for figures. In addition to that, The Tokenomics of Takibi Inu goes as follows:

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • CEX + Staking: 117,000,000

  • Airdrop: 530,244,584

  • Burn: 24,755,416

  • Liquidity: 117,000,000

Potential holders and determined crypto enthusiasts must visit the links below to pursue Takibi Inu's mission and make a fortune out of this exclusive crypto space.

Website | Telegram | Twitter

Takibi Inu

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