The Bandit Project: An Innovative DeFi Project for Earning Daily ROI NFTs


The Bandit Project is a relatively new initiative in the Defi Space. The project claims to be the first way to earn daily ROI NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain platform. 

Generally, investors in the DeFi space take plenty of time to earn a substantial amount. This novel project aims to reduce the time taken from DeFi by implementing innovative means of earning crypto. This article seeks to review the Bandit project by providing comprehensive details on it.

About The Bandit Project

As the developing team has coined it, the Bandit project consists of a pioneer gang of 3,000 NFTs, each with a distinct set of qualities, skills, and attributes, functioning on the BSC platform. Every NFT on this project is assembled randomly and selected for its distinct flair. By creating NFTs, supplying liquidity, and receiving revenue shares on all initiative transactions, holders of $BANDIT tokens can generate passive income. Keep in mind that cryptocurrency rules DeFi City. 

Thus, several methods exist to obtain and use cryptocurrency on the project, but heists are the most lucrative. The project allows investors to plan the entire heist, from finding a high-end structure to using the planning board to create a plan of action and allocate responsibilities. The next step involves recruiting crew members by creating an NFT. Your custom NFT will grant you access to the project’s 3,000 bandit NFTs. 

Note that you will need a minimum of 10 $BANDIT tokens to get a crew member. This amount increases by one token after minting every 100NFTs. To get this token, you can trade on the project’s decentralized exchange (DEX), also known as the black market. Every minted NFT  grants you access to a unique NFT crew member from the project based on their attributes. Once the NFT gang member gets to work, investors will earn either 1%, 1.5%, or 2% in daily ROI.

Passive Income Generating NFTs

The best part of this project is that the NFTs available on this project earn investors a passive income. You have the option to recruit a distinctive NFT crew member for each NFT mint. Once you create your NFT, your accumulated capital is permanently locked and cannot be retrieved. As a result,  the locked capital can earn you an ROI of up to 365 %.

Before all 3,000 NFTs are sold, every newly minted NFT will begin earning 1% daily. The rarity will be made known when all the items have been sold, resulting in greater earning ratios of 1.5% to 2% daily. The collection will subsequently be listed for sale on a reputable NFT marketplace. It is also vital to note that each NFT crew member can earn you up to 15,000 $BANDIT tokens before they retire.

Become Part Owner of the Bandit Project

Since bank heists are the most lucrative form of making money, investors must first establish a relationship with the Laundromat Guy. In return, this will give you access to a good business model by creating a liquidity pool (BANDIT/BNB) on your behalf. This saves you from paying the 10% transaction fee when buying $BANDIT tokens. Once you send $BANDIT (BNB) tokens to liquidity, half of them will be utilized to buy more $BNB tokens, and the other half will be added to liquidity, forming BANDIT/BNB LP. 

Through the banking function in the bank heist, investors can become part owners of the platform by locking up BANDIT/BNB LP. As a result, they will receive BUSD, BNB, and $BANDIT rewards from transactions performed on the platform. 

As rewards for longer staking efforts, earnings sent to the bank will be shared among four levels that are time-locked. A payout is available to investors according to their percentage interest in each time-locked level. You can unstake your LP assets when your time ends or keep them staked to continue getting daily claimable rewards. The lock-up levels are distributed as follows:

  • 30 days get 5%
  • 90 days get 15%
  • 180 days receive 30%
  • 365 days receive 50%

Participants of the Bank Heist are eligible for payouts in the form of:

  • Deposits and NFT mints
  • Revenue from paying taxes and playing the game
  • Transaction fees from selling, buying or claiming $BANDIT tokens
  • dividends derived from actual revenue sources

Enjoy Commission from the Referral System

It is worth noting that you can join the platform via invitation only. Thus, you must enter an investor’s team before becoming your boss and recruiting new crew members. The best part is that you can earn money by referring and recruiting other members who aim to become bosses. Gain 100% passive income while also benefiting from alluring commissions by building your team. Investors can take advantage of direct referral discounts of 5% on every NFT Deposit and 2.5 % from compounds. You can also reward your team members with an occasional airdrop as you continue to build a bandit army. 


As the boss of your Bandit crew, you must pay dues to your team members. These fees and taxes are vital in keeping the organization running and contribute to the long-term passive income earned over time. The maximum supply of the $BANDIT token is 1 million, and the distribution is as follows:

  • 10% for buying, which includes 4% incentives, 2% liquidity, 2% bank, and 2% to the growth fund
  • 10% for selling: 4% for rewards, growth fund gets 2%, bank receives 2%, and 2% goes to liquidity
  • 10% for NFT deposits and minting, whereby 5% goes to the upline, 2% for the bank, and 3% for incentives
  • 10% for claiming. 8% goes to rewards and 2% to the bank
  • 10% for transfers and airdrops.
  • 5% for compounds. This includes 2.5% for upline and 2.5% for incentives


Construction in the DeFi City is guaranteed. Once the Bank heist is launched, the developers will continue to establish new streams of revenue for investors to increase the payout rewards. As the financial infrastructure continues to improve, new investors and crew members will join the organization.


The Bandit Project is an engaging and thrilling initiative in the DeFi space. It allows investors to be part of an entertaining, functional, and long-term venture while earning passive income daily. For more information on this project, keep an eye on its social media channels and official website. Telegram | Twitter | Discord