The Future of NFTs is Here: Universal Page launches Gasless NFT 2.0 Marketplace


Universal Page has launched it’s NFT platform and is set to upgrade the blockchain experience and making digital collectibles accessible to everyone. With account abstraction and new NFT standards at its core, the platform is user-friendly without compromising Web3 fundamentals. Co-founded by Jake Prins and Vlad Lykhonis, Universal Page is the first NFT platform to launch on LUKSO, the new L1 blockchain of Ethereum OG Fabian Vogelsteller.

A Gasless Marketplace: Making NFTs Accessible to All

Universal Page introduces a ‘gasless’ marketplace, eliminating the need for users to pay gas fees themselves. This is made possible through the exclusive support of Universal Profiles, which offers the finest account abstraction solution in the space. The mission of Universal Page is to make digital ownership accessible to everyone, and an essential step towards that is eliminating “gas fees.” This, combined with the option to control a Universal Profile with just an email and password, improves the Web3 onboarding experience like never before.

“The biggest problem of Web3 is the user experience, and the only way to solve that problem is to start from scratch with a better foundation. To make digital ownership more accessible, we leverage the power of Universal Profiles and NFTs 2.0,” said Jake Prins, CEO of Universal Page.

NFT 2.0: The New Standard in Digital Ownership

Universal Page exclusively supports the innovative NFT 2.0 standards (LSP7 and LSP8), making NFTs more dynamic and flexible with on-chain data storage. This allows creators to use advanced features, improved metadata, and flexible royalty settings. With on-chain creator references, it proves the authenticity of assets and empowers creators to build an on-chain reputation that lasts.

Web3 Customization: Your Profile, Your Way

Universal Page offers a unique feature where users can create and customize their own web pages tied to their Universal Profile – their blockchain identity. The page can be fully customized and even turned into personal NFT storefronts in a few clicks. The page domains are minted as NFTs, meaning you own them completely and can be traded on the marketplace.

Built on LUKSO: The Blockchain for The New Creative Economies

Universal Page launches as the first marketplace on LUKSO. Co-founded by blockchain veterans Fabian Vogelsteller (creator of ERC-20) and Marjorie Hernandez, LUKSO is tailored for digital innovation and creative expression. The launch of Universal Page on LUKSO Mainnet is a moment of great anticipation and excitement for the entire community, who have followed the journey since Universal Page won the first LUKSO hackathon at the end of 2021.

“Absolutely epic! Universal Page will be the first marketplace for NFTs 2.0 and Universal Profiles on LUKSO. Can’t wait to see what people will create.” – Fabian Vogelstellar, Author of ERC20 and former Lead Dapp Developer of Ethereum.

About Universal Page

Universal Page is an innovative, all-in-one platform for the next wave of NFTs. Focused on accessibility and creative features, it provides creators easy-to-use tools and gives collectors a better user experience. Universal Page is the first to launch on LUKSO and set to take the digital collectibles market to a new level.

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